Life List

This is forever unfinished Life List! New items added...when they are added.

  1. Learn to speak German - Be able to speak conversational German. Work on the Accent. 
  2. Visit Germany - Go to Germany. Travel Around. Oktoberfest would be awesome, but not required.
  3. Go to Paris - Sip coffee in a cafe. Eat macarons. Could be done in a day trip or a brief stop. 
  4. Run a 10K - Train, train, train. Run it. 
  5. Go Vegetarian - Just for a week. 
  6. Learn to sew - Start hand sewing. Perfect that. Buy a sewing machine. 
  7. Learn one awesome card trick - Impress friends and baffle children. 
  8. Make money from Blogging and photography - I don't need to quit my day job or anything. Just made a little side cash. 
  9. Take a dance class, a martial arts class and a food/cooking class - Learn and try new things. 
  10. Have a signature dessert - Something awesome and decadent. Practice to perfection. 
  11. Learn to play guitar - Well enough to play around the camp fire
  12. Get a tattoo - Just one. Something meaningful.
  13. Publish an E-book - ...and give it away for free.
  14. Learn to use makeup effectively - Apply foundation flawlessly. Line my eyes with liner. Apply lipstick. Look awesome everyday. 
  15. Taste 1000 new fruit - expand my horizons. 
  16. Ride a Subway - Because it seems fun.
  17. Learn to juggle
  18. Do the 100 Strangers Project - Step out of my comfort zone.
  19. Make a vegan dessert and a raw vegan dessert.
  20. Go vegan - again, one week.
  21. Make cheese.
  22. Make Guerilla Art - inspire the world.
  23. Undertake (and pull off!) a huge fanundraiser.
  24. Give blood.
  25. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  26. Go on a cruise.
  27. Fly first/business class.
  28. Refinish a piece of furniture.
  29.  Overcome my fear of deep frying - Make deep fried mac and cheese, deep fried pickles, mozzarella sticks, deep fried mars bars & deep fried ice cream. 
  30. Volunteer - not sure what cause yet or exactly what this would entail.
  31. Make a video, upload it to the Internet.
  32. Wade in a public fountain. 
  33. Go on a zombiewalk - ZOMBIES!
  34. Photograph a zombie walk
  35. Perfect macarons - I've always wanted to have a signature desert, and I'm hoping macarons can be it. At the very least, I want to be able to make them flawlessly.