Dec 31, 2009


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Things I Love Thursday

It's new years eve!, Coffee, cookies, rum balls, shortbread cookies, lobster, three day weekend (x 2!), turkey dinners, family, friends, Fluffy Kitties, Silly Hound Dogs, The Boyfriend, sugary martini/margarita mixes, Sundays spent in bed sleeping and watching Gray's Anatomy season 2, This, health, abundance, planning, goals, practice, patience, fuchsia, unexpected cash bonuses - especially ones that fall on the pay week where I'm missing a lot of hours due to illness, related: finding out that I had 2 payed sick days available when I thought I only had one - meaning I'm only missing 1 day of pay for my three days of voiceless-ness, new sweaters, parties, watching snow storms from inside the warm dry (WARM!) house, extra long lunches, the scent of vanilla, coming home to a fridge full of home made sushi - care of my awesome boyfriend, my new keyboard - it's loud and I love that, bubbles, fuzzy socks, writing.

Dec 29, 2009

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1317

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #1317, originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

This is hilarious. You should check out all of the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, but this is my favorite one so far.

Dec 28, 2009

My New Favorite Website: Regresty

First, let me says, I love Esty. There are a ton of creative and beautiful things to be found. There are also some really horrible, terrible, hideous things. Regresty showcase the worst of esty. Some of it is seriously bad. Like these Custom Made Magical Spinners. $45 for a scratched cd, a photo and some beads. and "other objects" whatever that means. Seriously. Also, this christmas tree ornament/magnet may only cost $3, but if I made it myself at least I'd get to eat the Popsicles. And this Handmade OAK Sculpted baby angel ornament is terrifying. Also, I'd says it's less "baby" then it is "old man", but that's just me. And finally, Do You Need Help with Idealizing is...well it's indescribable. Click on the link and read the whole thing. It's long, but that's part of the beauty of it. Regresty is good for a laugh, and who doesn't need a laugh on a Monday afternoon? Or whenever. Just a warning: Some of the posts are Not Safe for Work, so you might want to wait untill you get home. or get ready to scroll fast before anyone sees.

Dec 27, 2009

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Yay, Sunday! I'm in a particularly good mood, because this is my third day off in a row (which is always good!), the first of which was CHRISTMAS. Christmas is awesome. I got presents, I gave presents, I ate lots of good food. Life is good. And now I have a four day week ahead, followed by another 3 day weekend! The first of which is New Years day!

I found tons of cool things on line this week. Check it out:

Cracked shares 6 Terrible Names People are Trying to Give This Decade and shares one suggestion of their own, which I'm totally for. 2000-2009: The Dorkade. Pretty catchy, don't you think?

“You guys don’t know anything about gardening!”  - hilarious.

These cookies are shaped like Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches. They are ultra adorable.

Proof That Anything Can be Deep Fried. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but I love looking at photos that make me both grossed out and hungry. Like this link, and almost everything on This is Why You're Fat.

A Pictorial Guide to avoiding Camera Loss Cute and So funny. "We Have Such a good time together, My camera and I...One time we took a photo of me in the bath...Sorry, I don't know why I showed you that." lol!

Sometimes, Mom is (actually, maybe, a little bit) right. Funny stuff from Passive Aggressive Notes

20 Powerful Beliefs That Will Push You Toward Success Great list, especially if you're feeling a little less then successful as the year pulls to a close.

This is the last week of the year! I'm going to take some time to reflect on the year past and make some goals for the future.

What are you doing this week?

Finch in the Snow

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Dec 24, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

It's Christmas eve!!!, Coffee, Christmas trees, Decorations, rice, Getting my voice back (YAY!!!!), Skullcrusher Mountain("Isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?"), family, friends, holiday parties, giving love, three day weekends, kitties and puppies, chocolate, birds in the snow, food shaped like other food, pay day, trees, piles of pretty wrapped presents, cucumber slices, oranges, "I think I need more jumping in my life." <--this quote is cute and made my morning, cookies - especially at 8:30am! I don't know why, but they taste better early in the morning, Quick oats oatmeal, Oi! to the world, Christmas time (Oh Yeah) by Barenaked Ladies, photos of puppies in bowls of cupcake batter (Seriously), orange sweaters, fuzzy ultra soft fleece, rabbit pot pie, deer roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, a boyfriend who cooks me good food :), my fiber-optic Santa Christmas tree topper, Dogs with antlers & cats with Santa hats.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all! :)

Dec 23, 2009

Review: Scotsburn Candy Cane Ice Cream

At first taste, I was underwhelmed. It's exactly what you'd expect from Candy Cane ice cream - that is, vanilla ice cream with red and green candy cane bits in it. But the candy cane pieces were...I don't know how to describe them really. Goopy? Yes, goopy on the outside, and hard in the middle. Otherwise, it was fine, but just kind of....meh. You know what I mean? It did grow on me more after the second bowl (on a different day, not two bowls one after the other). I think what is needed was some chocolate bits. That would have taken it past the meh stage, into pretty awesome.

Overall, I wouldn't buy it again. At least, not untill next year when I forget that it wasn't anything spectacular.

Dec 22, 2009

My New Favorite thing ever: Skullcrusher Mountain

Back at the beginning of December I stared this post at Mental_Floss in google reader for later, because I was at work and we can't watch videos. It's a song by Jonathan Coulton called Skullcrusher Mountain that they described as the "Sweetest Evil Genius Song Ever". I didn't get around to watching it untill this past weekend, which is too bad because it's the best song I've heard in a long time. It's a love song from an evil genius, and it's absolutely brilliant. The best part is definitely the half-pony half-monkey monster verse. Check it out:

I've had it stuck in my head pretty much constantly since the first time I heard it, which normally would annoy me, but I'm finding it puts me in a good mood.

Dec 21, 2009

PB and Apple Jelly

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Dec 20, 2009


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Week in Review, Week Ahead

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. This week, it's a good thing I didn't have any big plans because On Tuesday I came down with a cold that kicked my ass. I know, I said that last time (did I? I don't know, I think i might have), but this one...Not only did it have this terrible sore throat and hacking cough, but it also made me loose my voice. I was off work three days (wed., thurs. and fri.). And then it was the weekend. I'm still recovering, but I'm mostly better. I wanted to get some exercise -nope. I wanted to sleep well - that didn't happen either. I did take lots of pictures. We have our christmas tree up and all our decoration about so I had lots of inspiration on the days that I didn't spend almost entirely in bed feeling miserable. One out of three...better then nothing.

Some cool things I found this week:

Leggo My Eggo! is a gruesome and incredible piece of pancake art. Yeah, you heard me: PANCAKE ART. How cool is that? There's also a gory Mouse trap and a full breakfast - bacon eggs and toast! - all out of pancakes. Awesome. via serious eats

Breaking News: Gingerbread town massacre

What'd your True Love give to you? (and can you name them all in 5 minutes?)

How to take a Great Photo for Your Social Media Avatar 

Oh Hai!! Uz eatin dis??  Raccoons sure are cute, too bad they're mean. Also, I wish they'd stop knocking down my bird feeders.

This week I'm focusing on getting better and then it's Christmas! I've got a couple of presents to wrap and that's all that I have to do before Christmas. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Dec 18, 2009


It's friday! As I just posted on twitter, I got up this morning, showered, got dressed, did my hair and make up, and then called in sick to work because my voice, although better then yesterday, is still pretty much non-existent. I thought I'd go in and work for as long as I could, but after talking to the boyfriend for a few minutes I realized that I'd probably get there, take one call and then have to leave, and I'd barely make enough money to cover the gas there and home. So now I'm up and showered and no where to go. Which makes it a perfect time to go through all the things I stared in google reader when I was at work to save for home. It's mostly videos, since we can't watch videos at work (and even if we could, there are no speakers on our computers). One of the first ones I found was this one, and it is AWESOME. I found it from a link on Mental_Floss to this The High Definite post. Youtube user VadoskiN created this video by taking the best part of 50 movie trailers and combining them in to one incredible action packed monstrosity. Check it out.

Dec 17, 2009


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I have no Words

So, I've got another cold, and this one has the added benefit of causing me to lose my voice. Which is terrible for anyone, but for someone whose job it is to talk on the phone it's really not good. Can't talk, can't work. Can't work, don't get payed. You see my predicament. So, I've been scouring the internet for tricks and tips to help speed my recovery. What I've found is that a lot of the tried and true remedies may actually be myths.

Almost every advice site suggests tea with lemon and honey.  But according to this ABCnews article, that's not really a good idea. Tea and lemon are both acidic, and that can cause acid reflux, which is not good for your vocal chords. They do however, say that herbal and caffeine free teas are alright, as warm drinks can be soothing.

Another thing that's suggested on several sites is some form of alcohol. The two most common I see are a Hot Toddy or a shot of whiskey. However, alcohol dehydrates you and that's the opposite of what you want to do. In fact, what you SHOULD be doing is drinking lots and lots of water. Keep your throat ultra hydrated. it's also suggested all over the place that you use a humidifier. I don't have a humidifier, though, so that's not really a help to me.

So what can I do, other then drink lots of water? The only other tried and true method to getting you voice back is to not talk and definitely don't whisper (old friends who took voice lessons used to tell me this all the time. It strains your vocal chords and can make things worse, not better). So I'm staying silent today.

image by addictedimage

Dec 13, 2009

Sunset, Moon Rise

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Week in Review, Week Ahead

Happy Sunday! This week, tired of being..well, tired all the time, I've been working on my sleep habits. I put my fleece sheets on the bed for winter. Man, I love those sheets. If you live in chilly climates, I would highly recommend that you get some. They're so soft and warm and fuzzy. I've also started a sleep journal. You know, what time I went to bed, how many times I woke up, how I felt in the morning...that sort of thing. I don't know if it's helped so far, but I'm hoping it will give me insight into my sleep patterns. I'd linked to these tips for better sleep, which I've been keeping in mind this week. I've been getting at least some exercise everyday. I've cut out caffeine after 5pm. I've stopped drinking water after 8pm...things like that. Has it helped? I don't know. Maybe. It hasn't hurt, that's for sure.

What cool things did I find on the internet this week? Well.....

10 Secrets to More Magnetic Copy Sure, a lot of the tips here have been given time and time again. I find that a lot on Copyblogger. But it's written in such a way that it's still interesting and relevant. I don't know how they do that. My favorite part is the section on Brevity. "You probably aren’t reading this article exactly from top to bottom are you? In fact, you’re probably not even reading this sentence." lol

12 unrecognizable before and after views of cities is unbelievable. Instead of trying to describe it, I'll suggest just clicking on the link. via

7 Horrifying Aircraft Landings (in which no one died)

If I've learned anything from the internet... - This made me giggle and it involves cats. Yay!

Speaking of cats, It's a Christmas lolcat! and he's wearing a sweater!

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy themed wedding programs? Best thing ever!

This week, I have no grand plans. I'm going to get some exercise, take lots of pictures and sleep well. Sounds simple enough!

Dec 12, 2009

Lip Relief

This morning, my lips were hurting. I don't know if it's just because it's winter or what, but it was not cool. I have in my possession two different things of lip stuff - Blistex Lip Infustion Cherry Splash & Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm - that were both just making it worse. The Burt's Bees stuff has peppermint oil in it, so that makes sense, but I don't know what the problem with the Blistex stuff was. So anyway, I went on a search of my house for some other kind of lip balm. I must have some somewhere, but damned if I could find it. What I did find was this little can of Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. I flipped it over and read through the ingredients. It was mostly things like almond oil, wax, lemon peel oil, cocoa seed butter...things that did not seem like they would kill me if I put it on my lips (in fact, it sounds a whole lot healthier then a lot of the processed foods I regularly eat, but that's a whole other kettle of fish). Also, I was a little desperate. So I slathered it on my lips. INSTANT RELIEF. My lips felt better. Not only that, but I braved the icy winds (seriously, according to the weather network it feels like -16°C out there...I believe it!) and crowds (which were surprisingly not too bad) to go get some christmas shopping done. Two hours later on my way home my lips felts a little waxy but they still didn't hurt. I know I'd have had to reapply any lip balm I've ever tried before by then.

Now, I'm not saying that you should run out and buy this for all your hurting lip needs. It's not formulated for (and probably not tested for) that, so I can't tell you if it's actually safe or not. I'm just saying, if you're desperate for relief and willing to take a chance...this will do the trick.

What's your go to product/trick for hurting lips?

Bacon Cheeseburger

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Dec 11, 2009

Holiday Excitement!

I just found out that I'm not working on either Christmas Day or New Years Day! I'd expected to have to work at least one of them, if not both, so this was an awesome surprise. What a way to start my Friday! Not only that, I'm off at 4:30pm on both of the Eves, so I shouldn't miss out on any Holiday fun! I'm so excited, that I decided to celebrate by creating a round up of awesome Christmas-y Holiday-ish photos! Fun!

Here's a Christmas Photo that I took in 2007:

Look how happy Santa is!

Last year I must not have been in a very Christmasy mood (probably because last year I was scheduled to work BOTH Christmas AND New Years...) because this was the only Christmas-type photo I from last year I could find on flickr:

I can't wait to get the tree up and decorated so I can start taking photos for Christmas 2009!

Are you in a Christmas/Holiday Mood yet? Got any good photos to share?

Dec 10, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, fleece sheets, beer, sleep, english muffins, corn, mushrooms, salad, fuchsia, scarves, freshly fallen undisturbed snow (even though I HATE the snow, it sure is pretty when it's fresh), being able to stay INSIDE while it snows outside - not going to work, or the store or anywhere at all, pay week!, Getting my presents for my brother and sister-in-law all mailed off (December 10th! The earliest I've ever gotten it done. I am very proud of year I'm shooting for a single digit day), Having the rest of my christmas presents to buy mostly figured out (now I just have to buy them...and wrap them...) Jasmine & Memo & Parker, Big Golden Retrievers named Casey, Mom and Dad, The Boyfriend, cardigans, exercise, long sleeves, that we're getting our tree this weekend!, looking at christmas lights(holy crap, could I mention christmas any MORE times today? lol), books and reading, one photo project winding down and another about to start, planning, Green Tea, Dreaming about buying a new pair of awesome boots, dark green, Mental_Floss, Oi! to the world by The Vandals (& also the No Doubt version), getting an extra 15 minutes on my lunch break - even if I'm only going to use it to sit around and surf the internet, purple, cards covered in sparkles and stars and silvery swirls, basmati rice, sprinkles.

Dec 8, 2009

My New Favorite Website: Ugliest Tattoos: A Gallery of Regrets

I've seen a lot of awesome tattoos out there, especially on the internet. I don't have any myself yet, but I really enjoy looking at tattoo pictures. I think I like looking at terrible tattoos the most though. Something about the absolute cringe inducing horror appeals to me. I'm not sure what that says about me, but whatever. Ugliest Tattoos: A Gallery of Regrets is full of really terrible tattoos and poor choices. (Warning! Some of the entries are NSFW. All of the following links should be OK, but...yeah. Just a warning.) Things like the Velveeta tattoo and this Party Time Hippo riding a hot dog. And the almost always ill advised face tattoo. And this very clever tattoo. And Whatever the hell this is supposed to be. I think my favorite, though, is this one. It is absolutely awful and awesome all at once. I'd actually seen it months ago on another site, and I laughed for like 15 minutes. And then I had a craving for canned pizza. Mmmmm.

Do you have a favorite tattoo photo (Awful or Awesome)? Share it in the comments!  

Dec 6, 2009

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Another week gone. Where did the time go? This week, I was supposed to finish cleaning my closet, bake something and do all three sets of push ups. I did one set of push ups, and then I slept weird and hurt my back. I know - excuses excuses. The other two excuses there. I just didn't do them.

Some cool things I found this week:

The No-Budget Diners' Guide: How to Survive on Dirt, Bugs, Bark and Leather  Mmm, dirt. Sounds appetizing. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, though. An interesting read, for sure.

Here's A list of Common Misconceptions

In case you were wondering, This is a Pond. Also, remember to look under your vehicles for penguins!

Over the past week, I've been feeling really run down and tired. It doesn't seem to matter if I go to bed early, on time or later then usual, I wake up feeling tired and sore and run down. Not fun. So this week I'm working on getting better sleep. The first thing I did was clean all my bedding and put my warm, cuddly fleece sheets on. If that isn't conducive to good sleep, then I don't know what is. Also, WebMD gives these 10 tips for butter sleep:

1. Cut caffeine
2. Avoid alcohol as a sleep aid
3. Relax before bedtime
4. Exercise at the right time for you
5. Keep your bedroom quiet, dark, and comfortable
6. Eat right, sleep tight
7. Restrict nicotine
8. Avoid napping
9. Keep pets off the bed
10. Avoid watching TV, eating, and discussing emotional issues in bed

So, although I may not follow their advice to the letter, I will keep it in mind. By the end of this week, I hope to be well rested and ready to face my goals, rather then putting every thing off and procrastinating because I'm feeling tired and cranky.

How was your week? What will you be working on in the week ahead?

photo by me

Dec 5, 2009


Supper, originally uploaded by deedoucette.

Dec 4, 2009

Colorful Inspiration: Black and White and Grey All Over

Usually, when I'm looking for inspiration I head straight for the bright colors. Stunning greens, brilliant blues, fuchsia, bronze, chartreuse, get the picture. Sometimes, though, it's the absence of color that really gets those creative juices flowing.

Don't get me wrong, I love color, but it can be distracting. Take it away, and you're left with patterns you never would have noticed otherwise. You can let your imagination run wild, add your own colors. What if that part was red? What if this part was purple?  The only limits are the ones you place there yourself.

Dec 3, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, smiling, donair panzerottis, cuddles, Chinese food,  The Sims 3 World Adventures (obsessed!!), exercise, Falling back in love with TV shows I'd all but forgotten about (Re-watching Crossing Jordan - Love!), fluffiness, stacks of rings, sparks, christmas lights, ideas, tinsel-y garland, bright green, ice cream cake, salad w/ bacon Caesar dressing, watching the birds, family, friends, jello shots, heavy warm sweaters, hoodies, argyle, sleep, curling up in bed, factoids, history.

Dec 1, 2009

A Second Haiku for the First of December

It would seem that I
spoke much too soon this morning
The snow has started


image by Bah Humbug

A December First Haiku

Happy December! 
Drizzle, Rain, Gloomy Weather
At least it's not Snow!

image by maistora

Nov 30, 2009

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Another week gone, and again I'm posting on Monday instead of Sunday. Yesterday I had a bout of, shall we say, self induced sickness. It was bad. Bad bad bad. And that's all I have to say about that. I didn't have a mission this week. I kept up with my push ups - except Friday. I had a stressful day and when I go home from work I just wanted to lie down and watch some mindless tv. And I did. I started cleaning out my closet, though I didn't finish. I feel it's best to do these sort of things a little at a time, other wise I feel overwhelmed and never start. I hate cleaning out my closet. I think it's because I feel I have to try everything on before deciding to keep it or not. It takes forever. So I started anyway, and that's good enough for me. I didn't bake anything, but I seriously considered it.

Some cool things from this week:

Feel like taking a quiz? Try Mental_Floss's Scientology Term or German Techno Artist. I got 50%, how did you do?

Best tide scent ever: Mountain Fresh with BACON. lol. Sadly (or not, depending on how you look at it), I would probably buy it if it was a real scent.

Adorable alert: Kitty dressed as a Lobster sitting in a Pot. Seriously cute. via Cupcakes and Mace

Check out the photos of this Carnival Themed Wedding. So awesome!

Turducken! For Cats! I don't even have turducken for ME. That being said, I'd probably buy it for Memo because it would make me laugh.

On Friday, I did the dumbest thing I've done in a long time. I was leaving for work. I gathered my stuff and walked out the door, locking it behind me. As soon as it clicked shut, I realized SHIT. I don't have any keys. No house keys. No car keys. Nothing. The boyfriend was gone hunting, so I couldn't get his keys. Luckily, a family friend who lives up the street hadn't left for work yet, so I used his phone to call my mom. Who couldn't find the extra keys to my house at the time, but she drove me to work, and then found the keys before driving me home that evening. And, do you think I could get myself locked out of the house on a nice day? No, of course not! I had to do it on a rainy, miserable day! lol.  I can not BELIEVE I did that! I'm very thankful that I have family I can count on. Believe me.

This week, no mission again. I'm going to finish cleaning out my closet. I'm going to keep up with the push ups - and actually do three training days. Maybe I'll actually bake something - maybe some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies or possibly chocolate shortbread cookies. I don't know.

What's up with you this week?

Nov 27, 2009

Five Cool Online Games

Got some time to kill? (It is Friday, after all!) Here are four fun games to play online. You'll enjoy them, I promise.

#1 Steak House or Gay Bar?
This one is really simple. Very very very very simple. The site shows you a name of a real establishment (Examples: Blue Lagoon, Strip House, The Oak Room, The Flying Cow, etc) and you guess if it's a Steak House or a Gay Bar. It's kind of funny, and it'll kill some time, although if you're anything like me you'll tire of it quickly.

#2 Trivial Pursuit Experiment
I love love love Trivial Pursuit. Love it. I am a wealth of useless knowledge, so I do pretty well. At least I think I do. I don't know. Anyway, this site pits men against women to see who's smarter - hence the "experiment" part of the title. I don't really pay much attention to that through. I just answer the questions. There are a lot of questions, too, so you don't have to worry about running out before you tire of playing.

#3 Kingdom of Loathing
I had forgotten all about Kingdom of Loathing! I used to play this game ALL the time! It's a turn based adventure game. The graphics are very simple (think stick figures) and the concepts are pretty silly but it's awesome. Trust me, you should give it a try.

#4 Tower Blaster

Another very simple time waster. Basically, you make a tower with the big numbers at the bottom and the small number at the top. Very simple! BUT it's a race against the vikings (ie the computer team)! Don't let them build their tower first, or you lose. There are eight levels (I think), with the high number getting smaller with each level. Can you beat them all? 

What games do you like to play online when you've got time to kill?

Nov 26, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, Cake (Carrot Cake, Regular Birthday Cake, Cheesecake, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake....), Family, pay week, Getting things done that need to be done, ending procrastination, exercise, FREE cheesecake (Me, to a Co-Worker: You know what's better then cheesecake? Free Cheesecake! Co-worker: I thought you were going to say "More cheesecake". Me: That would have been a good answer also.), writing, Christmas lights, ribs, sparkly blue and silver, Ideas, glitter, pirates, aqua, bronze, veggies and dip, pepperoni, fruit trays, Scavenger Type by NOFX, Stand by Good Riddance, Christmas Cards (Seriously, some of my co-workers are on the ball...I've gotten three christmas cards this week!), The Sims 3 (still! and Again! The boyfriend is installing World Adventures for me today while I'm at work! SO excited!), Crossing Jordan, Kitties!, Puppies!, butterflies, blankets, rest, teaching people new things, tentacles, teeny tiny baby animals, getting an unexpected hour for lunch break - instead of my regular half hour, unusual signs, big rocks, seals, This, pink suckers with white swirly bits, That the weekend is SO CLOSE, Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, feeling happier, bubbles.

Bonus! A Joke that made me smile:

Laid up in the hospital, James Thurber passed the time doing crossword puzzles.
One day he asked a nurse, “What seven-letter word has three u’s in it?”
She said, “I don’t know, but it must be unusual.”

found here

Nov 25, 2009

Colorful Inspiration: Aqua

According to Wikipedia, "Aqua is a shade of the color cyan. It is identical to the color electric cyan, one of the primary colors of the CMYK color space. It is precisely halfway between green and blue on the color wheel." I say, aqua is pretty.

Right now, in my neck of the woods, it's kind of that blah season...all the beautiful fall leaves are gone, but there's not yet any snow to cover the naked trees and dead/dying grass. I'm feeling that I need a pop of color in my world right now, and aqua really does seem to pop!

What color is inspiring you today?

Nov 22, 2009

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Hello, and happy Sunday! Another week down, and how did we do? My Mission this week was to get moving. I finally ended my procrastination with the hundred push-up challenge. It went very well, if I do say so myself. I'm going to try to finish by the end of the year, and even more hopefully before Christmas. This is totally do able as long as I keep at it and don't make up excuses to put it off. I also did some walking and...I don't know, other stuff. Anyway, I would say I did pretty well this week.

If you need a pitcher for milk or cream, the Heffer Pitcher is probably the greatest one of all time.
via boingboing

17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat  Favorite part: "Kitties are Not Impressed by Cupcakes." So so so so cute. Very Cute.

I didn't post a Things I love Thursday this week. I wrote it - I really did! - but Thursday was a long day and by the time I had it written out I just couldn't bring up the will to make it into a post. Here are a few of the things that made the list: Coffee, forcing myself to exercise (and feeling better because of it), Hamburger Helper, Actually remembering to eat breakfast everyday, silver, bronze, purple, black, navy, Working on my own Happiness Project, Candyman by Aqua (this song makes me lol), Castles, sequins and chocolate peanut butter brownies. Some things I would have added on Friday and Saturday: Gala Apples, My dad for driving me to work when my car broke, Cake, Family and Family friends.

This week, I don't really have a mission per say.  I plan on keeping up with the exercise, clean out my closet and maybe bake something. I'm thinking maybe I'm not so into the one focus mission thing anymore. It worked for a few weeks, but I'm really not sure it's some thing I need to do every week, ya know? I don't know, I haven't really decided one way or the other.

Nov 21, 2009

Human Family Reunion

 This is a really interesting video about how if you look back in history far enough, we're all related to each other - and that you may not have to look back as far as you might think to find that common ancestor.

Nov 20, 2009

Two Pumpkins

Two More Pumpkins, originally uploaded by deedoucette.

Nov 18, 2009

Memo Kitty

Memo Kitty, originally uploaded by deedoucette.

Nov 16, 2009


Leaves, originally uploaded by deedoucette.

Week in review, Week Ahead

Er, Hey, is it really Monday already? I'm a little late on this post. I wish I could say that I had a good reason for not getting this up yesterday, but I really don't. I spent the day playing The Sims 3 and catching up on tv shows.
Anyway, this week I had no mission. I got some rest. The cold is fading a little more everyday, and as of yesterday is mostly gone. Yay! I didn't get any push ups done. I got my Flu shot (just the regular one, not the swine one). That's about it. Yep. I know, thrilling, right?

Good Advice for Bloggers: 100 Ways To Find Ideas For Your Blog Posts   You're welcome.

I love Flowcharts. This one made me laugh. My favorite part: "Do You see the boxes?" --->no--->Wait, what? lol.

Best thing I saw on the way home from work: An owl! It flew across the street above and in front of the car. It was 4:30pm, so I don't know why he was awake so early, but it was really cool.

I am totally in awe of people who make awesome cakes. Check out this Solar System Cake. How Cool is that?

Someone painted their nails to look like bacon. Seriously awesome.

This week, my mission is to get moving. Hey remember way back when I was taking walks most days? and when I was doing push ups three days a week? Yeah, Those days are long gone, and I need to get them back.
I'm kind of a little bit more then obsessed with the Happiness Project right now. I'm starting my own project, and exercise fits right into that. I've been coming up with sort of mantras to help me out with it - much like the Twelve Personal Commandments over on the site. One of them I've come up with is Healthiness is Happiness to remind myself exercise more, eat better foods and just generally all around be more healthy.

What are you working on this week?

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Nov 14, 2009


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How to Cultivate an Atmosphere of Growth

from How to Make Yourself Happier. at the Happiness Project:

"How do you cultivate an atmosphere of growth? You can fix something broken; clean something up; help someone who’s in trouble; make something; help someone move forward; learn something new; start something; plan and execute something. Having a place in your life where you are “growing” will make you feel much happier – plus these kinds of activities tend to foster other happiness-boosting actions, like spending time with people, making new friends, anticipating something fun, trying something new and challenging, etc."

Nov 13, 2009


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My New Favorite Website: Om Nom Nom Nom

With all the time I spend online, how is it possible I did not know about this site? Om Nom Nom Nom is hilarious. I don't even know how to describe it, really. The best way to get an idea of what it's all about, head over to and refresh a couple times. Go ahead now, I'll wait. [....] See? wasn't that awesome?! There's also a blog! Maybe I'm easily amused, but whatever, I love it.

Nov 12, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, creamy alcohol, Bones Season 1 and 3 (and a little 2...and kinda 4...5's not shaping up to be too bad, low fat fudge brownie frozen yogurt (it is so so so good, low fat or not!), chocolate cookies, The Sims 3 (back on that obsession again..), payweek, working on holidays (double time and a half!), dreaming up new projects, planting bulbs in my garden (tulips and crocuses!), honey oat bread, Black and Navy Clothing, bizarre dreams, giggling, Ideas for Christmas Presents, olive green, orchids, seeing doggie christmas outfits in the sales fliers (!!), deer steak, resting, when things go right, cuddles, the Happiness Project.

Nov 9, 2009

13 Unbearably Adorable Animal Photos

Mondays can be kind of a downer. You know what's an awesome pick me up? Photos that make you go, "Aww!" That's what I've always found, anyway. Here are 13 photos that are sure to brighten your day.

by Jar0d

by reggie35