Apr 30, 2010

Inspiration and Guidance

Photo by rachel_titiriga
"The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge." 
                              -Bertrand Russell

Apr 26, 2010

Ten Silly Things

Sometimes, I get the urge to learn something silly and pretty useless. Usually, I just forget about it and move on, but no more. I've made a list, and I'm going to start checking things off.

10 Silly Things I'm Going to Learn to Do
  1. One Awesome card trick
  2. One easy magic trick
  3. One magic trick that's a little bit harder
  4. To Juggle with 3 Balls
  5. How to Whistle using my hands (aka hand cooing)
  6. Five origami things (Origami shapes? I don't know how to word this. You know what I'm talking about, right?)
  7. Perfect the coin walk
  8. How to Spin a Pen
  9. Make three different Balloon Animals
  10. To be able to sing along with the Song One Week by Barenaked Ladies (I know all the words, but do you think I can keep up? No, I can not. It drives me crazy)

Why Would I want to learn these so-called useless skills? First and foremost, for fun. Life is fun, and useless skills make it more fun. Also, a little bit to show off. Have you ever been shown an awesome card trick? Like, a really awesome one that you have no idea how it worked (one time, in high school, this guy showed me this card trick, where the cards he was looking for kept appearing under my hand. Which was flat down on the table...I still think there may have been some sort of sorcery involved)? That person, showing the trick, in that moment, is the coolest person in the room. To me at least. Maybe I'm just easily impressed. Whatever. Anyway, I want people to think I'm cool, or at least kind of interesting. And finally, every skill, useless or not, can help you in other areas of your life. A lot of my silly things will improve my hand/eye coordination, something that I have little of. Ta-da! A good reason to learn to juggle. For more on this, check out Why Useless Skills Matter at Happenchance.

Is there something you've always wanted to learn, but haven't because you thought it was useless? Or, do you have any "useless" skills perfected already?

Apr 25, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Welcome to another Sunday. Last week, I started off Sunday well with a quick walk before it started raining, every photo I took on the walk turned out terrible (seriously, I deleted every one of them) and later on I finally forced myself to bake something and post it to the food blog that I created forever ago and then never did anything with. Go me. I made Cinnamon Muffins, and they were pretty good. Things kind of went down hill from there, because just after that I started playing the sims 3, and then my power supply died. Dead dead dead. Push the power button and nothing happened. Apparently, it wasn't really powerful enough to run the new video card that I got for Christmas, and The Boyfriend (My in-house pc tech) knew this and wasn't at all surprised that I burnt it out. So it was an eventful Sunday. It's kind of been one of those weeks. Wednesday morning we woke up to our giant fish tank leaking. The 55 gallon tank. From the bottom. It was a slow leak, so while it didn't dump 55 gals of water on our floor (thank god), any water leaking out is not a good thing. So, while I was at work Wednesday, the boyfriend spent his day draining the aquarium. Fun times. Luckily that was the end of our bad luck for the week, and the rest was mostly uneventful.

Empty :(

Makeshift Fish Tank - 30 gal
Cooler full of plants, plecos and ottos.

Thai New Year - The Songkran festival These photos are completely gorgeous. So beautiful.

This Stationary of Horror is definitely horrifying. And awesomely bloody. (via boing boing)

Soyburgers Laced with neurotoxins - There is some debate about the study, and what it actually means in terms of health, but that's discussed in the two updates on the post and in the comments. Either way, it's important to stay informed. Also, this Q & A with the lead researcher for the study that prompted the post is very interesting and full of good information.

Did you know that you can use foil in the microwave? It's true! You just have to do it the right way. By the way, Broken Secrets is a pretty awesome site, even if I did get a little angry about hot dog etiquette.

Speaking of hot dogs, here are 10 things to know about hot dogs.

Speaking of lists of 10 things (lol) Mental_Floss has a Quick 10 about The Berenstain Bears! I used to love those books.

The 7 Worst Things That Can (and did) Happen at a Funeral

500 Photographers - 500 days of photographic inspiration. The site posts about a different photographer every days. It's wonderful. (via Photojojo)

Ever wonder why mint makes your mouth feel cold? Well, I honestly hadn't but now I know the answer either way.

How Future historians will use the Library of Congress' twitter archives

I was just reminded of this story: They're made out of Meat, by Terry Bisson I love this story! And IT reminds me of this Dinosaur Comics..er, comic. "Timmy is made out of meat. Your whole family is made out of meat." 

This week, the forecast has a lot of rain in it, meaning I will not be going for many walks. Which means I probably wont get a lot done with my scavenger hunt. Which is ok, no time limit, right? I miss the beautuful weeks when I could go for a walk everyday. Oh well. It's april, and it's not snowing. It could be much much worse. I've been making a lot of lists recently, things that need to be done, things that I want to do, things to learn. I guess it's time to stop making lists and actually do something. The one thing that has to be done this week is my and the boyfriend's taxes. They're due on Friday. Taxes aren't hard to get done, I have everything I need to do them, but I hate hate hate doing them. Yet, instead of paying someone else to do them, I've done my own every year, and now somehow the boyfriend has tricked me into doing his too. How did that happen? lol. Time to find my calculator, I guess.

Apr 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, walks, photography, The Boyfriend, Memo & Jasmine, Looking on the bright side, starting, getting my scavenger hunt underway, baking, cinnamon muffins, MUFFINS!, sunshine and blue skies, my garden, clubhouse sandwiches and Caesar salad, reading, hearts, making lists and checking things off, science, cotton candy ice cream AND that Scotsburn started making a version that's sold at grocery stores! (even if it doesn't have the blue swirls in it) AND that it was on sale at my local grocery store AND that the boyfriend brought me home TWO tubs of it!, learning, daydreams, Green, sun showers, getting checks in the mail,  finches, that it smells like spring outside, stars.

Apr 21, 2010

Giant Photo Scavenger Hunt Update

I've decided to post updates for the my photo scavenger hunt on Wednesdays. Seems as good a day as any.

So, not counting Friday, I'm 5 days in, and I've got 5 photos done. Not bad, I think!
#12 - Stop Sign

#54 - Something Lost
 I always wonder about lost shoes, especially single shoes. Did they fall out out of a backpack or a car? Or did someone lose one shoe on their way home and just not notice? Probably the former, but I like picturing the later more.

#99 - Fire Hydrant
 All of the fire hydrants in town are yellow and green. All of them, except this one, and one other, both right by the hospital. At least, those are the only two that I've ever seen.

#200 - Twenty-Two

 Twenty-two is my favorite number. Why? I don't know. It just is. 

#131 - Heart

A pretty good start!

Apr 18, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Happy Sunday! Last week, I wanted to get in as many walks in the sun as possible. I did get out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. I mapped out a new route, and added 10 minutes to my regular walk. So now I have three routes to choose from - one that takes just under 30 minutes, one that takes just over 30 minutes and one that takes about 40 minutes. I am now up to date with my photo editing and my photo posting, which is something that hasn't happened in a long time. I started my giant photo scavenger hunt. I applied for a few jobs (fingers crossed!). So good week? Yes, it was.


(funny newspaper clipping) Crime Spree! - Everyone knows that cookies are just a gateway to other, harder baked goods - cupcakes, pies or, heaven forbid, chocolate souffle!

Check out these 10 Bizarre Public Water Fountains. They are weird, and that makes them awesome.

How to make a Dalek Egg Holy crap, this thing is incredible.(via boingboing)

The Illinois Poison Control Center posted stories of all the calls they took in one day. It's insanely fascinating. This one is my favorite: "Caller took a beer out of the minbar in a hotel and quickly realized after one swig that it was urine.  Someone had drunk the beer, then filled it with urine and put it back to avoid being charged." (Gross!) (via mental_floss)

Photos of Cats and Pizza are up on the Flickr Blog.

More photos: The Persona Series (pictures of people and the contents of their bags). Very voyeuristic. Very interesting.

These bookends? Totally cute. I'd need a book shelf first though. And space to put a bookshelf.

I just learned (via this awesome infographic of Crazy Google Facts and Figures) that google has support in several fictional languages, including L337 Sp34k, Elmer Fudd and bork bork bork. I heart google.

Disney Thinks Photographers Are Terrorists - Stories like this always make me angry. Remember, There is no indication at all photography was used in high profile terrorist attacks.

5 Psych Experiments That Sounded Fun (until they started)

Looking to the week ahead, I'm going to keep walking, and work on the scavenger hunt.

What's up with you this week?

Apr 16, 2010

My New Project: Giant Photo Scavenger Hunt

Recently, I've been feeling less then inspired when it comes to photography. I go days without picking up my camera, which is unusual for me. I needed something to push me in the right direction. Previously, I did the One object, 365 days project (my flickr set is here), but I didn't want to do something quite that structured. And I'm currently doing the 52 Weeks Project (My set here), but that's not a daily thing. So I decided on a Scavenger Hunt. A huge photo scavenger hunt. There are a million and one photo scavenger hunt groups on flickr, but I wanted to make my own list because a) I didn't want to follow anyone else's rules (and they all seem to have a lot of them...) and b) none of the lists were quite giant enough. So I created my own, and thought I'd share in case anyone wanted to join in.

  The List:

  1. Flag
  2. A body of water
  3. Statue
  4. Big rock
  5. Star
  6. Bricks
  7. Stripes
  8. Zigzag
  9. Polka-dots
  10. Mass Transport
  11. Big Truck
  12. Stop Sign
  13. School Bus
  14. Construction Equipment
  15. A full(ish) parking lot
  16. An empty parking lot
  17. Slide
  18. Swings
  19. A playground
  20. Motorhome
  21. A white sign
  22. A green sign
  23. A blue sign
  24. A yellow sign
  25. A red sign
  26. Street sign
  27. A sign with no words
  28. A funny sign
  29. Cat
  30. Dog
  31. Bird
  32. Fish
  33. A large animal
  34. A small animal
  35. An amphibian/reptile
  36. Field
  37. Farm
  38. Orchard
  39. Blue building
  40. Tall building
  41. Green building
  42. Red building
  43. Church
  44. A restaurant
  45. A pub
  46. Inside a restaurant/bar
  47. A store
  48. Inside a store (non-grocery)
  49. Inside a grocery store
  50. A cafe
  51. Gas Station
  52. School
  53. A fair/carnival
  54. Something Lost
  55. Something broken
  56. Something rusted
  57. Purple
  58. Pink
  59. Bridge
  60. A road/construction crew
  61. Picnic Table
  62. Graffiti
  63. A face in an object
  64. Reflection
  65. Bench
  66. Flowering bush
  67. Something freshly baked
  68. A meal
  69. Fruit and/or veggies
  70. Leaf
  71. Sphere
  72. Cube
  73. Pyramid
  74. Feet
  75. Mailbox
  76. Lawn ornament
  77. An abandoned building
  78. Square
  79. Triangle
  80. Circle
  81. Cemetery
  82. Birdhouse
  83. For Sale sign
  84. For Rent sign
  85. Feathers
  86. Ball
  87. Flower
  88. Tree
  89. Book
  90. Change
  91. Cash
  92. Hospital
  93. Art
  94. A sticker
  95. A flyer
  96. Garden
  97. Skull
  98. Bug
  99. Fire hydrant
  100. Orange 
  101. Dish
  102. Cream
  103. A manhole cover
  104. Dead End
  105. Seat
  106. Rainbow
  107. Gray
  108. Sport
  109. A No Parking Sign
  110. Drink
  111. Spiral
  112. A list of Rules
  113. A do not enter / do not disturb sign
  114. Bucket
  115. Boat
  116. New
  117. A vintage car
  118. A pile
  119. Fence
  120. Clothesline
  121. Barn
  122. Dead
  123. Black and White
  124. Bottle
  125. Kitty
  126. Bubble
  127. Gazebo
  128. The letter Q
  129. Parade
  130. Prince/Princess/Queen/King
  131. Heart
  132. Lips
  133. Nails
  134. Hardware
  135. Pipe
  136. Cow
  137. Cross
  138. Flame
  139. Chicken
  140. Steps
  141. Light
  142. Dark
  143. Cracked
  144. Toy
  145. Balance
  146. Bike
  147. Balloon
  148. A great view
  149. A van
  150. Welcome
  151. Melt
  152. Umbrella
  153. Clown
  154. Cotton Candy
  155. Flight
  156. Motorcycle/Scooter
  157. Forest
  158. Crowd
  159. Street
  160. Lily
  161. Bacon
  162. Mushroom
  163. Sunset or Sunrise
  164. Wheels
  165. A door
  166. Net
  167. Rope
  168. Three
  169. Time
  170. Storm
  171. Warning
  172. Shadow
  173. Button
  174. Clean
  175. Dirty
  176. Open
  177. A Hat
  178. Wrinkle
  179. A fridge
  180. A Stove
  181. An Arrow
  182. Traffic
  183. Telephone
  184. Library
  185. Drops
  186. A pair
  187. Closed
  188. In the water
  189. Window
  190. Patch
  191. Army Man
  192. Costume
  193. Guitar
  194. Ribbon
  195. Badge
  196. Screen
  197. Multicolored
  198. Map
  199. Bow
  200. Twenty-Two
  201. Stack
  202. Half
  203. Numbered
  204. On The Road
  205. Alley
  206. Handle
  207. Jewelry
  208. Sand
  209. Barbecue
  210. Tools
  211. Beer
  212. Mask
  213. Grass
  214. Cloud
  215. Fluff
  216. Seat
  217. Can
  218. Barrel
  219. Trash
  220. Checkered
  221. Doorbell/buzzer
  222. Crown
  223. Sunshine
  224. Rain
  225. Block
  226. Burnt
  227. Sharp
  228. Smooth
  229. Blunt
  230. Snuggle
  231. Time
  232. Candle
  233. Fire hydrant
  234. Taxi
  235. Emergency
  236. Fire
  237. Tent
  238. Yard Sale/Garage Sale/Flea Market
  239. Theater
  240. Fur
  241. Landscape
  242. Frozen
  243. Cold
  244. Hot
  245. Smiley face
  246. Eye
  247. Cart
  248. Bead
  249. A Sign With Numbers
  250. A Path
  251. A Musician
  252. Tracks
  253. Shell
  254. Grow
  255. Fresh
  256. A Fountain
  257. Grid
  258. Pirate
  259. Ninja
  260. Lock
  261. Pylon
  262. Plug
  263. Stained Glass
  264. Something Shiny
  265. Clover
  266. Something blue
  267. Laundromat
  268. Writing on the wall
  269. Elevator
  270. Wrought iron
  271. A store window display
  272. A Clock
  273. A Tree Stump
  274. A robot
  275. Pizza
  276. Something sparkly
  277. Spring
  278. Bulb
  279. A dart board
  280. Barber shop
  281. Bell
  282. Hotel/Motel
  283. Game
  284. A Fast Food Establishment
  285. Fast Food
  286. Screw/Bolt
  287. Hole in the wall
  288. Something spooky
  289. Sunglasses
  290. An X
  291. A letter in nature
  292. A stranger
  293. Shade
  294. Recycle
  295. A comfortable place to sit
  296. Ride
  297. Spin
  298. White
  299. Post
  300. Parallel lines
Now, just because I don't want to follow other people's rules, doesn't mean I won't have any. I will be imposing these rules upon myself:
  • No pictures taken in my own house or yard (Some exceptions may apply. But probably not.)
  • The dog/cat/fish can't be MY dog/cat/fish
  • For the more common items, I may wait to mark them off untill I have a photo I'm really excited/proud of
  • There is no time limit
  • Each item needs it's own photo. Like, if I take a picture of a bird flying, it can be either #155 or #31, not both.
Go ahead and make your own rules or follow mine, if you like. Or don't have any rules. Whatever. All items are open to your own interpretation. There are no "wrong answers". If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, feel free to politely stab them in the face. Or something less violent. Your choice.

If I've duplicated anything on the list...uh, that was on purpose and not because my proofreading skills are lacking and my memory is bad. Take two pictures of that thing or things.

Oh, and I created a Flickr Group, if you want to share your results.

Have fun, and happy hunting. 

EDIT:  My flickr set for the project is here (and has photos in it already!). 04/17/10

Apr 15, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, winning things (even if they're small things), The Boyfriend, walks in the sunshine, kids on bikes who politely ask if the can pet my doggie when Jasmine and I are on our walks, Jasmine and Memo!, beer (especially Rickard's White Beer - my favorite! but I rarely buy it...I had it on the weekend, and remembered why it's my fav.), lifting weights, supper at mom and dad's, that we didn't get 30cm of snow (unlike my brother, in Fort McMurray, Alberta. He told me on Sunday that he was going to garbage bag the windows and stay inside untill it went away. lol. I don't blame him!), bacon, blackberry wine, making lists, finishing things, things growing in my garden, spring weather, magenta, bird watching from my bedroom window, celery and peanut butter, deep breaths, google maps (I've been using it's walking directions to map out walking routes and roughly how long it'll take me...it's been very useful, and actually pretty accurate!), laughing, time off the phone at work (basically to color - double score! Coloring is awesome. And working in a call center can be a lot like elementary school sometimes...), people who cackle when they laugh really hard, purple, yellow, daffodils.

Puffy Starling

Puffy Starling, originally uploaded by deedoucette.

This starling also has two legs. One of them was gimpy though. He hobbled around my lawn all Saturday, being all puffy and limpy, eating things out of the grass.

Apr 13, 2010

Apr 11, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Hello and Happy Sunday! Last week, I took the week off from playing the sims. I don't know that I actually got more stuff done because of it, which makes no sense. Oh well. I also went for a walk Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The weather was beautiful and Jasmine was happy. I also started working on a huge photo project I'll be starting soon. More on that when it's ready.

Here are some cool things I found online this week:

20 Moments in Animal Awesomeness. Awesome Pictures? check. Animals? Check. This link has it all.

25 Hottest Urban Legends from Snopes.

The Worst Drinks in the Supermarket and their sugar equivalents.

10 tales from your closet Ever wonder why items of clothes are called what they are? Wonder no more! Cardigans, Chuck Taylors, Blazers and more!

6 Horrifying Implications of Awesome Fantasy Movie Universes

Bacon by the Numbers. Mmmm, bacon.

From Wafers to Cones: A Short History of the Waffle Damn it, now I'm hungry for breakfast foods...Waffles and bacon and sausage and eggs....

6 Ridiculous History Myths (You Probably Thought Were True)  "Everybody knows that people in the past were insane. They wore funny hats, used words like "wherefore," and don't get us started on the pants." Oh Cracked. I love you.

This week, it looks like the weather is going back to normal April temperatures, so while I'll still go for walks as long as the sun is shining, I won't be spending as much time outside. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Other then that, I don't know what this week will hold.

What have you been up to? Got any plans, goals, dreams or desires for the week ahead?

Apr 9, 2010

These Starlings have Two Legs

One time, the boyfriend called out to me from the livingroom, "There is a one legged starling on the front lawn!" Now, everytime I see starlings all the time, I announce that they have two legs. I miss the one legged starling.

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale

I bookmarked this video a long time ago, and then, uh, forgot to share. I'm sharing it now though! Anyway, it's awfully silly and it made laugh pretty hard. Enjoy, and Happy Friday!

Apr 8, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, chocolate bunnies, wine, Eggies, bubbles, lists, big ideas that excite me, photography, walks, gardening, crocuses, The Puppy & The Kitty, The Boyfriend, stolen crocuses, Bright pink, mushrooms, sunshine, lazy weekends (and that it's almost the weekend again! I can't wait for this week to be over...), trivia, Ani DiFranco, spring green, that the finches are getting their yellow back,  teeny tiny chickadees, Crossing Jordan, that I just looked out my window and see that there is a single Monopoly $10 bill on it (um...weird...), the scent of barbecue in the air, being outside in the unseasonable warm weather, snuggles.

Apr 7, 2010

Review: Smooth Away

For Christmas, I got a Smooth Away. For who is not familiar with the product, here's the infomercial

I know it's now April, but I'm just getting around to actually testing it. In my defense, I tested in on March 31st, so it wasn't actually April yet. That's not really much of an excuse, is it? Several times I'd thought about it, but then I thought, Screw it, and shaved my legs instead. Which is completely irrational, but whatever. That's me for ya.

I did not have high hopes for this product and it's claims of Easy, Safe, & Painless Hair Removal. Even if it is The Fastest Selling, Most Popular Women's Product In Europe. I mean, if it was so great, wouldn't everyone be using it by now? I've been trying hard to stay away from other people's reviews, lest it taint my opinion, and was mostly successful. I did, accidentally read one, which I don't remember the exact wording of, but it was something about sandpaper and the hardware store? Not exactly a glowing testimonial. That's just one person's opinion though, so I wasn't phased. On with the review.

Box and Travel Case


So? How was it?

Holy crap guys, it actually worked! And it was easy and painless. I forgot to take before and after shots, though, so...sorry. Now, it wasn't perfect. It wasn't as close as shaving. It didn't work well around the knees and ankles. I guess that's what the small one is for, but it's really small. I they need to add a medium size, maybe. And it wasn't exactly fast. In fact, it probably too me twice as long as shaving would have. Well, maybe not twice, but longer, definitely. But it did actually work. Remarkably well, actually. I was completely floored. I expected it to not work at all. At all. Also, I didn't hate it as much as I hate shaving, so that should count for something.

It would never completely replace other hair removal methods, sadly, as the commercial suggests, but it was worth $16.  I completely recommend it.

Apr 5, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Happy Monday! Late Happy Easter, to those who celebrate it. Or, I guess it's Easter Monday, so...Happy Easter! Last week, I was looking for ways to keep up with my fitness goals, without going out in the rain. I did pretty well. I just set a timer for 30 minutes and did things that could be classified as physical for those 30 minutes. Some days that was cleaning. Some days it was weight lifting. Some days that was a combination of that and more. This week I leaned that I can not do 100 consecutive squats. I can, however, do 76, and that's not bad. Squats are my favorite exercise. I've always loved them. Saturday finally brought some beautiful weather, but instead of spending it outside I...stayed indoors and played the sims.. yeah, I know.
I think I've found the trick to my motivation. It's constantly changing my system for motivation. Before, it was picking the one most important thing I needed to get done that day. This week it's been setting time limits. Sometimes it's making long lists for the week and not having a real schedule. If I keep changing, I'll keep motivated. I hope, anyway.

Here, links:

Some people's priorities seriously amaze me. Then again, beer is important.

Don't dye eggs this year for Easter, dye Bacon.

What's better then a bowl full of puppies? (um, nothing?)

The IT guy at work just alerted me to this: Caffeinated Bacon. It's a blog about how to make (surprise!) Caffeinated Bacon. They called it a 90% success (too much caffeine, and the taste was a little off), but 90% is pretty awesome for a first try. Also, Caffeinated Bacon. Seriously.

This is one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen. The giant peacock feather bouquet! The Bridesmaids dresses/name rings! It's absolutely stunning, and the photography is incredible.

Tired of LOLcats (BLASPHEMY!)? Try some Average Cats. Also? The amount of angry in the comments was awesome. You kinda want to go, Seriously guys, calm down before your head explodes.
Threat Detected! This photo literally made me laugh out loud. Such an obvious joke, but one I never would have thought of.

A London Born Author and food activist has been identified as the messiah of an obscure religious group. Can you imagine? Crazy. Just insane.

500 Worst Passwords It still blows my mind when I talk to customers who's password is 123456 and they wonder why their email got hacked.

Click here to see some beautiful digital paintings. Seriously. Click there.

A timeline of sexy defined through the ages is pretty interesting.

How to Make Peepshi (Peeps sushi) "Execute six Peeps of your color choice by decapitation." very cute. and disturbing.

"If You Watched the Movie Backwards..." funny!

How to bake a dog cake total cuteness.

This week is the first full week of April! I've picked some new goals, dusted off some old ones, and I'm ready to rock! Or whatever. Last night, I had a dream about playing The Sims, so I think it's time to take a break from playing. So, this week, no Sims until Saturday at the EARLIEST. I'm also going to spend as much time outside in the beautiful weather as possible. I'm already on my way with that one. Yesterday The Boyfriend and I walked over to his parents for Easter lunch, and I cleaned up my garden yesterday afternoon.

How was your week? Got any big plans for the new month?

Apr 1, 2010

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by deedoucette.

This was taken back on my Birthday. I picked this cake because it was the prettiest. It was not at all what I expected it to taste like, but it was excellent. Superstore makes Awesome cakes.

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, Macadamia nuts, English muffins, payweek!, Early Payday! (tomorrow is a holiday, so I got payed today!), The Boyfriend, Memo and Jasmine, watching the fishes, Working Good Friday (Getting payed double time and a half tomorrow? Yes please!), dreaming of discounted Easter Candy, Speaking of Easter Candy: Mineggs, Eggies (same thing, different name...) & the Chocolate Bunnies with the rice crispies in them,  Big glasses of cool (not cold) water, My black zipper down hoodie (I want to wear it every day...I don't, but I want to), exercise, plans, stretching, bizarre news stories, sparkles, cream soda, lists, kelly green, teal, magenta, springs bulbs sprouting in my front garden, singing in the car, The Happy Guy by NOFX, I'm Yours by Jason Mraz (still), Listening to songs I used to LOVE way back when - and actually still do (Candy Man by Aqua, Short Skirt, Long Jacket by Cake, What I Got by Sublime, etc, etc!), my family, laughing, peppermint, Spring!, finches & chickadees, penguins, dreaming of sunny days.