Jan 24, 2011

Six Websites to Make Yourself Smarter (Or at very least more interesting)

1. Wikipedia's List of Ten common misconceptions - Did you know that there is no evidence that Vikings had horns on their helmets? Or that Napoleon Bonaparte was not really all that short? How about that, contrary to several internet "fact" sites, ducks quacks do in fact echo?  Now you do. Spread the word.

2. Mental_Floss - There is so much awesome on mental_floss...I can not even begin to describe it. There are quizzes, random facts and strange and wonderful bits of knowledge. You will learn something new, and you will be entertained.

3. BBC Languages - Looking to learn a new language this year? BBC languages is an awesome site to help you do just that. They have tons of languages to choose from, with both audio and video courses, and just a ton of information.

4. eHow - eHow has articles on how to do just about anything. Seriously. Just a sample: How to partition a Heard Drive, How to choose a good scotch, How to prune old grape vines, How to make a Chinese Shy Lantern. The instructions are step by step and easy to follow.

5. How Stuff Works - Another site where you can learn about almost everything. How Stuff Works is exactly what it says it is. It will break down exactly how things work for you.

6. So You Wanna - This site is much like the last two. Learn what you wanna do, the site says. The article titles all start the same way: "So you wanna...". Examples: So you wanna publish a book?, So you wanna paint a room?, So you wanna be a model?, So you wanna speak with an Irish accent?. Of the last three sites, this one is my favorite. It's not any more well written, more informative or more useful. In fact, the other two are probably better over all. But the tone of the articles makes them more fun to read.

Where do you do your online learning? 


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