May 4, 2013

Three Links and a Photo

The bombing at the Boston Marathon...I don't have enough negative descriptive words in my arsenal to accurately describe how truly awful and heart breaking the whole thing is. I know we're all exhausted from all the coverage of this horrible day. Still, if you haven't read this article, you should - The Boston Marathon Bombing: Keep Calm and Carry On - If you allow terrorists to take away your freedom, you're letting them win. Even if they're dead or in jail, they've still won. You're allowed to be scared, angry, devastated - but don't allow yourself to be terrorized.

Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls... SO I WILL. If you're feeling bad about your body today, you should read this. Hell, even if you're feeling good about your body today, you should read this.

 And now for something lighter and more perplexing: 1.4 thousand people liked this site on Google plus (plused it? What is the right terminology here?) and 14 thousand people have liked it on facebook (myself included. I love this site!). Bienvenue sur le site de la République des Mangues


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