Sep 18, 2013

The First 20 Hours - How to Learn Anything: Josh Kaufman

Today's video is a little long, but absolutely worth the time. If you like TED Talks then you'll love it. If you hate TED Talks...well, then you probably won't love it and might possibly hate it. BUT! But there is a really fun part at the end where the speaker demonstrates the skill he learned using his method: Playing the ukulele. You could just skip ahead to that part, I guess, if you want (12:30), but I really think this matter is interesting and worth watching, even if you aren't a fan of the format.

...Is that really how ukulele is supposed to be pronounced? Because I don't like it. And also I've been saying it wrong. Which doesn't change the fact that I don't like it.

PS: according to the first three results on YouTube when you search, "how to pronounce Ukulele", I've been saying it correctly after all. Thanks, YouTube! Just one of the many reasons that I love the internet.


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