Feb 29, 2012

Let's talk Copyright: Bill C-11

After all the hoopla about SOPA/PIPA last month, I wanted to put a little extra light on the fact that there is still a copyright reform bill out there that needs attention. Bill C-11 here in Canada.

At first, it seemed that a lot of people were talking about this bill. But then Vic Toews said this:

...And now it's all about Bill C-30 and online privacy. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not crazy about that bill either. And by not crazy I mean it freaks me out and needs some major revisions to insure the new rules and measures aren't abused. Which it will be, no matter how much the Harper government says it wont be. (This rant on online privacy by Rick Mercer is genius, by the way) I just think it's way over shadowing a copyright bill that is seriously flawed and needs more people pushing to get those flaws fixed.

First of all, this bill gives us some new, great laws that allow us to legally do things like make personal back-ups of content we own. Unless there's a digital lock on it. They'd be illegal to break no mater what the reason for it. Because that make sense. On top of that, the lobbyists are pushing to add some very SOPA like language to the bill.

Michael Geist is a law professor, a copyright expert and all around smart guy with an extensive knowledge of this subject. Check out this video for much better, clearer, more accurate information on the subject:

Oh, and that link at the end? If you're a Canadian with concerns about this bill, you should go there: http://openmedia.ca/lockdown


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