Feb 29, 2012

Want Another Reason to be Angry With the Government? Bill C-10

Earlier today I (hopefully) got you all jazzed up about copyright reform. I also mentioned online privacy. Bill C-11 and Bill C-30 are two pieces of legislation that are getting a lot of attention recently - and well deserved attention. There's one other current bill, though, that you'll want to pay attention to: Bill C-11. The Harper Government Omnibus Crime bill.

So what wrong with this bill? Well, mandatory minimum sentences for one.

Now, I know this is my second political themed post today, but I'm not going to pretend I'm any sort of expert in politics, even the parts I feel strongly about. So, as always, I'll leave the facts to the experts and give you a video on the subject:

To contact the Canadian Senate, go to:


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