Apr 26, 2012

Deadline (Newsflesh, Book 2)

Deadline (Newsflesh, Book 2) by Mira Grant

Shaun Mason is a man without a mission. Not even running the news organization he built with his sister has the same urgency as it used to. Playing with dead things just doesn't seem as fun when you've lost as much as he has.

But when a CDC researcher fakes her own death and appears on his doorstep with a ravenous pack of zombies in tow, Shaun has a newfound interest in life. Because she brings news-he may have put down the monster who attacked them, but the conspiracy is far from dead.

Now, Shaun hits the road to find what truth can be found at the end of a shotgun. 
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I knew, before starting this book that I wasn't going to like it as much as I liked Feed. I knew I'd like it, but I wasn't going to love it the way I loved that first one.

Over all, it had a lot of things going for it - a bigger conspiracy, more at stake and more zombies. One thing it didn't have was Georgia Mason as the narrator. I really liked Shaun Mason in book one, but I liked him a lot better through his sister's eyes. Also, like in the first book, there was this habit of reiterating facts in more or less the same way, much past the point that they need to be repeated. Like the fact that Buffy was a technological genius, and no one could hold a candle to her talents. It needed to be said once or twice, sure, but it seems like it was said every single time she was mentioned.

The repetition wasn't bad enough to ruin the book, nor was the narration from Shaun. They were just minor annoyances in an over all good book. While reading it, I had a pretty good idea of what my opinion of it was - good, but not great.

And then the ending happened.

Holy crap. The ending. It came out of nowhere and it's awesome and confusing. It made me sad that Blackout isn't released until the end of next month. I want to know what the hell is going on and how this insane event could possibly come to be. And I want to know now, damn it!

On a scale from Totally Awesome to Horrifically Awful, I'd give it an Quite Great. Zombies, characters I already care about and an over all good book with an incredible ending. 


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