Apr 17, 2012

The Professionals

I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

The Professionals by Owen Laukkanen

Four friends, recent college graduates, caught in a terrible job market, joke about turning to kidnapping to survive. And then, suddenly, it's no joke. For two years, the strategy they devise-quick, efficient, low risk-works like a charm. Until they kidnap the wrong man.
Now two groups they've very much wanted to avoid are after them-the law, in the form of veteran state investigator Kirk Stevens and hotshot young FBI agent Carla Windermere, and an organized-crime outfit looking for payback. As they all crisscross the country in deadly pursuit and a series of increasingly explosive confrontations, each of them is ultimately forced to recognize the truth: The true professionals, cop or criminal, are those who are willing to sacrifice . . . everything.
A finger-burning page-turner, filled with twists, surprises, and memorably complex characters, The Professionals marks the arrival of a remarkable new writer. -Amazon.com

I know that, although I don't give every book I write about a glowing review, I have yet to write about a book that I didn't like. That must get pretty boring for people reading. Unfortunately for you, I'm not going to stray from that trend yet. I really enjoyed this book.

The story itself wasn't all that original. And the characters were a little one one dimensional, especially the kidnappers (the leader, the computer geek, the muscle and the girl. That basically tells you everything you need to know about them). But neither of that mattered. The story was still excellent. The characters were likeable. I found myself torn between wanting the kidnappers to get away with it and the cops to "get their man", so to speak. And that's the point, isn't it? For a book to make you feel something and care about the outcome. Also, a little entertainment and escapism. On those points, this book delivered.

On a scale from Totally Awesome to Horrifically Awful, I'd give it an Excellent. Could it have been better? Sure. But it didn't really need to be. It was just fine, as is.


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