Oct 30, 2009

Halloween Themed Food

Halloween is tomorrow! Thinking about whipping up something edible and Halloween themed? Why not try one of these ideas!

If you're going for adorable rather then scary, these Ghosts of Cupcakes Past are about as adorable you can get:

I especially love the ones with the cute little bows. AWWW.

Okay, so maybe you want cute, but those are a little TOO cutesy for you. What about some Black Cat Cookies:

They're black cats! With Candy Corn eyes! AND they're on a stick! FACT: Everything is better when served on a stick.

Alright, so we've covered cute, so lets get a little more gruesome. How about serving up some severed fingers:

They're shortbread cookies with peanuts for the nails!

Not gruesome enough for you? Or perhaps you're looking for a main dish? This Meat Hand has been making the rounds on the internet a lot this year for good reason:

The reason being that it's AWESOME. 

And finally, if you're looking for something that's a little bit creepy but also kind of cute, I have just the thing! Vampire Bite Cupcakes:


There you go. Get out there and get cooking!

What's your favorite Halloween themed food?


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