Oct 28, 2009

Three Awesome Pumpkins

It's almost Halloween! Need some ideas for your pumpkins? Here are three awesome ones to spark your imagination.


Mental_Floss has posted 9 really neat pumpkin projects, and this one is my favorite. Lights and wires and silver paint! How incredible is this?

Big Mac Pumpkin

This one has been making the rounds online for some time now, at least since last Halloween, but I still love it. I'd never make it - If I'm going to go through all the trouble of cooking burger, I'm sure as hell going to eat it. via Make.

Monogrammed White Pumpkins

I'm usually not into white pumpkins, so I almost passed this eHow How to Decorate for Fall with White Pumpkins article by. These monogrammed white pumpkins just look so classy, I fell in love with them.


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