Apr 30, 2011

Goodbye, April

It is the last day of April! It's been so spring like and awesome here in Nova Scotia (and that includes the rainy days, BTW!).

Book I read this month: Get Some (Terrible book. Avoid at all Costs.) & Thicker than Blood (I didn't realize that it was Christian Lit untill I was over half way through it. I enjoyed it in spite of that fact (No offense meant to any Christians out there, just I'm an Atheist, so I wouldn't have expected to like the book). That brings the total to 11 (of 30) for the year, thus far.

I won two books from twitter contests hosted by Chapters Indigo! (Follow them on twitter here) I am so very excited about both of them. The first is the yet to be released Divergent and then just today I won The Book of Even More Awesome! I have yet to receive either of them, but I am so looking forward to getting them in the mail!

This month I leaned the Importance of Back-up. The hard way. Don't let it happen to you!

Over all it's been a pretty slow month. I've been on night shift now since the first week of March, and it's making me lazy, I think. The Fiance got a new job this month, and I applied (and interviewed for!) his old one. It doesn't look like I'll get it, but it is inspiring me to get out there more with my resume!  I really like what I'm doing now, but I need to get off nights.

How was your April?


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