Apr 1, 2011

Weekly Love-fest

Things I'm Loving at the moment:

Baking and Cooking, Laughing, inside jokes, bacon, teal, veggies, twitter (I'm starting to get back into updating it and reading it...lets see how long that lasts...), salad, Good Eats, I Am Not My Hair by India.Arie feat. Akon, productive days off, laying in bed with a kitty and a hound, The Fiancé, soft boiled eggs with cracked sea salt, warm weather, things sprouting in my garden, my Nikon d3100, chickadees, rum, maps, anatomical hearts, buds on the trees and lilac bushes, lemon juice, apples, snow peas, going for walks, cookies, coffee, bubble wrap, nail polish, pay day!, walnuts, reading, black & silver, fishes, chalkboards.


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