Apr 22, 2011


Things I'm loving at the moment:

Steaming cups of hot coffee • Cooking and experiments in the kitchen • Stretching • Reading (ps: kindle users - If you go to the bestselling section of the kindle store, it also gives you the best "selling" free kindle books in every genre. It makes it more likely you'll get a decent free book, rather then one that needs serious editing and can't decide if it wants to be written in first person or third person... pps: Don't read Get Some by Daniel Birch) • non-fiction Twitter - I've been a little obsessed lately • The Kitty, The Hound & The FiancĂ© • Ham • Cleaning...Well, not so much cleaning as things being clean • Apples and Peanut Butter • The Sims 3 - so excited for Sims 3 Generations! • Applying for jobs • Teal • Sunshine, tulips , daffodils...all the signs of spring! • The finches changing back to bright yellow • capris and hoodies • the smell of lotions with self tanner in them • CBC Radio •  my pumice stone • taking lots of photos •  Yellow • Ocean Blue • Writing • Lists • chipmunks  

What are you loving right now?


little gray bird said...

I'm loving having birds at my bird feeder, no flooding, sleeping in, applesauce, running (I've never been a runner!), and HGTV decor shows.

dee said...

I'm getting lots of birds at my feeders too! Yay for birds! :)

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