Jul 31, 2011

Goodbye July 2011!

Oh, July 2011, What a month you have been! So much has gone on. First and foremost I got married at the beginning of the month! July 2nd 2011. The wedding was awesome - laid back, casual and just a lot of fun. Everyone said they enjoyed themselves.

We also spent a week out at camp, which is always a good time. Very relaxing and wine filled. 

I discovered my Style Statement - Comfortable Creative - Which has inspired me to do all kinds of things, like apply for jobs I previously wouldn't have (out of fear). And one of them I got a call back for an interview! We'll see how it goes, but still - exciting! I've also been writing more, dreaming more and planning more. Plus, I'm blogging again, as you can see! Next steps are getting on top of my photo editing, taking more pictures and developing my personal style more. From here out, things are only going to be more awesome, I can see it already. 

Things that are inspiring me right now: random online videos, cleaning out my closet, a stack of magazines that I've had sitting around but never gotten around to reading and the color teal.

Book I decided not to finish this month: Climate of Corruption: Politics and Power Behind The Global Warming Hoax. It wasn't that is wasn't an interesting topic. I just found all the hard data tough to focus on. Maybe I'll read some more non-fiction books and then try again. What I did find interesting was all of the ways that the facts about Global Warming and climate change have been twisted in the media. Now, before the hate mail comes, I am not a global warming denier. I'm just not sure about how much of the information we've been given has been disproven, when often all we get is the initial shocking data (there are plenty examples of this in the book). Keep in mind though, this if any information coming from the Climate-Change-is-real-and-scary crew has been manipulated and misused, I have almost certainty that so is information from the Climate-Change-is-a-Total-Hoax camp. Anyway, the point is that I gave up on the book, because it was making me not want to read. 

I make my first trip to the Kentville Farm Market this month. That is the only plus to being on night shifts and working the weekend - I'm off on Wednesday afternoons. I got a giant bag of organic salad greens for three buck, and I learned that there is some kind of bug - a type of flea- that really likes arugula. Then he threw in some arugula with my salad greens. He said, "It wont hurt ya, that's just why there's holes in the arugula." Whatever, it was super tasty. I also got a special desert from a french lady. Chocolate and pear tarts. I served them warmed up with fresh raspberries on the side. Yum! Farm Market season is awesome.

How was your July?


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