Jul 15, 2011

Style Statement

After our wedding, The Husband (still weird to say and type!) and I went to the lake for the week. Just before, we happened to be in the mall, where we passed the bookstore that always has tables full of sales books out front. I love sales tables and especially sales books! Also, books are good to have at the lake, where there’s no TV or Internet to distract you. One of the tables had a sign that proclaimed “$2 or less!”. Holy crap is that a good deal, or what?! I pick up two books, one of which was Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design. It was $1, so I bought it. Why not? I thought it would be mildly interesting but a little too preachy, like most self-help-type books I read. But it was probably worth a dollar though, right? I was wrong though. This book was AWESOME. I read it and re-read parts and answered the questions and pondered who I am and what I really like and feel. I found it to be a great self discovery tool. It fits quite well with my <a href="http://saysdee.blogspot.com/search/label/cultivate%20me" target="_blank">Cultivate Me series</a> (more of those posts to come!), and has really helped me focus my quest to be More Awesome.

Basically, what your style statement is is two words that describe your overall style. Not just your style for clothes and decor,  but your style for life. They employ the 80/20 rule. The first word is your 80% - described as your inner foundation, your essence, your roots. The second word is your 20% - your creative edge, your wings.

Through my self discovery, using the workbook, the style statement I came up with was  
Comfortable Creative
This is going to sound really stupid, but as soon as I landed on that word combination, I felt like things make a more sense in my world. It made me want to clear out all of the clutter in my life, clear out my closet, decorate my house. The book said this would happen. I rolled my eyes. Because it sounded stupid to me too. But it happened.

Now, If you’re someone who already has a good handle on your life and style, you probably wont get much from this book. You might find it mildly interesting, or you might find it to be a giant waste of time. I’d guess the later. But, if like me, you’re still trying to figure this whole life/style thing out, I’d recommend checking it out.

And if you have a local Coles book store, you might be able to snag a copy for a buck.


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