Dec 2, 2011

Happy Friday!

Hey all, it's Friday! I've been having a bit of a down week...nothing major, it's just been kind of...meh. Ya know?

This morning though, I'm pushing the blahs away! It's Friday, and that rocks. Also, youtube recommended I watch this video:

Yes, that is a BOAT FULL OF BEAGLES!

Thanks YouTube, you made my morning sparkle a little!

Now, how about a drink? It's December and it's getting colder. We don't have much snow left, even though we had a storm that dumped 40 cm over night! The weather has been so weird. Anyway, snow or no snow, it's pretty chilly out. What a perfect time to try something I've always wanted to try even though I had no idea what's in it exactly - Hot Buttered Rum!

...Also, I love her dress, and the pirate thing made me laugh.

Have you ever had hot buttered rum? It looks easy enough, I don't know though...rum, water, spices sugar and butter...sounds strange.

Whtad'ya think?


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