Mar 27, 2012

How To Get Free Books: GoodReads First Read

I've gotten quite a few free books lately. Seriously, I've got a backlog right now, that's how many free books I've gotten lately. And because I'm feeling generous, I'm going to tell you my secret: GoodReads First Reads

I did win a prize pack from HarperCollins Canada on Facebook, but most of my free books come from GoodReads. I just go, click a few buttons and I'm entered to win. The real beauty of it though, is that when I win, it doesn't require any action from me to receive my books. They just show up in the mail, often unexpectedly. Like, I came home today and there it was, sticking out of my mail box - a copy of Bloodman by Robert Pobi. I didn't know it was coming, but there it was. (I'm not very good at email sometimes. I almost missed out on that five book prize from HarperCollins because they needed me to reply to their e-mail with my address. I would have been so angry with myself! Everything worked out for the best though.) If you win, you are not required to write a review, but you can if you're so inclined.

The other thing about GoodReads - even if they didn't keep sending me free books, it's still a great site if you're a lover of books. It's full of reviews and ratings and will even recommend books you might like based on your ratings. You should go there and check it out.


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