Jun 25, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

My Back Deck - The Boyfriend and my parents finished the main part yesterday afternoon while I was at work (there's just some railings and other small things left) and it's beautiful.

Fresh Picked Strawberries - On Sunday we were at my Grandfather's for Father's Day, and my mom, my aunts and I picked strawberries from his little strawberry patch. Yum! And, my couple of strawberry plants have had a few berries on them as well! There is nothing better then fresh picked strawberries. They are so much better then the ones from the store.

A little bit of sun - It's been raining for what seems like FOREVER (Reality: 5 days or so), so seeing the sun when I left work yesterday afternoon was a welcome surprise! Even if it was crazy humid. Today was kinda the same. Drizzly and gross in the morning, sunny and humid in the afternoon. Weird. But great.

Lilies! - My lilies are in bloom, and that brings me endless joy.

Other: Coffee, Kraft Dinner (unnaturally orange cheesy goodness), The Sims3 (still), Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie, Getting a good annual performance review at work, Dark dark dark blue nail polish, payweek!, midday chocolate milk breaks, cbc radio.


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