Sep 21, 2009

Nature is Awesome: Honey Badgers

Mellivora capensis or Honey Badgers are a nocturnal badger that lives throughout most areas of Africa, Eastern Iran, Southern Iraq, Pakistan and Western India. Also, they're pretty awesome. In fact, The Guinness Book of World Records has named them the most fearless animal. Their reputation was earned by their tendency to attack animals that are much larger then they are. According to Wikipedia, their prey includes earthworms, insects, scorpions, porcupines, hares, ground squirrels, meerkats, mongeese, and larger prey such as tortoises, crocodiles up to one meter in size, young gazelle and snakes (including pythons and venomous species). Emphasis is mine. A documentary team once saw a Honey Badger steal some meat out of a puff adder's mouth, and then ate it's stolen meal right in front of the poisonous snake. After finishing, the honey badger was still kind of hungry, so it attacked the puff adder. He won the battle, but not without being bitten. Just after he began eating the snake, he fell over, and the documentarians presumed he was dead. Apparently he just needed to sleep it off. He awoke after two hours, and finished his meal. Don't believe me? Check it out (the part about the snake starts at about 2:18, but the whole video is worth watching):

I told you. Honey Badgers? Totally awesome.


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