Aug 17, 2010


We're over halfway through the month already! Can you believe it?! Here's what I'm loving about August so far.

Blueberries, Yellow Plums & Corn: Local produce is the best thing about living in Nova Scotia in the summer. Well, I don't know how local the plums are...they might be from Ontario. I don't know, they just said "product of Canada". Anyway, they were good either way. And corn! Have you ever eaten corn the same day it was picked? If not, then I will tell you: It's ten times more awesome the any corn you've ever eaten. And I just might be under exaggerating. And, we are right in the middle of blueberry season. I am a huge blueberry fan. Huge.

Camping: Spent some time at a camp on an island with the boyfriend and two dogs (my parents and their dog came to visit for a couple of days, as well). Had an excellent time. Read a lot, got some sun and fresh air...what's not to love about that?

The weather: I may be jinxing things by talking about it, but I am loving this weather. It's hot without the humidity, with a few rainy drizzly days here and there, but not too many. Not too hot, not cold either. Excellent weather.

What are you loving about August?



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