Aug 22, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Happy Sunday! It's again been two weeks since my last week ahead, week review post. This time, I blame coming down with a case of the slack. Anyway, Last Time, I had a new exercise plan in place, and I wanted to get my photos organized. My exercise plan has been going exactly to plan. Which probably means it's a good time to change things up, before I get bored. It's a pretty flexible plan though, so I think I'll give it some more time before messing with it. As for the photos...well, I got a little done. A little is better then nothing, right?

Hey, Look! Links!

Dogs with Goggles

8 Tips for Boosting Your Energy RIGHT NOW We all could use a little boost, right?

How To Be A Futurist Another helpful webcomic from Basic Instructions.

Here's a a bunch of awesome from 8 Historic Symbols That Mean the Opposite of What You Think, The 6 Most Horrifying Ingredients in Everyday Cosmetics, The 7 Most Insane Things Ever Done to Get Out of Something, 6 Great Novels that Were Hated in Their Time, & 7 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly). Ok, two more: 5 Species That Seem to be Trying To Take Over the Earth & 6 Insane Sports The Could be in the Next Olympics.

"We Can Repair Anything" - lol.

12 Tips for Getting Regular Exercise -- And the Benefits for Happiness and Fitness

Fun wit MPAA ratings at boing boing linked me to The Twenty Best MPAA Ratings- This made me laugh. My fav part was the movie Twister was rated PG-13 for " intense depiction of very bad weather" and Teen Space Vampires was rated PG for "mild alien vampire violence". Excellent.

When to use i.e. in a sentence is an informative webcomic that teaches both when you should use i.e., e.g., and the best way to take out a unicorn.

National Geographic Photo of the Month It's a wave, and it looks like stained glass. Too incredible not to click on the link, if you ask me.

Four Fun Ways to Make Your Photos Look Vintage

This is a non-family friendly Cake Wrecks post about Castle cakes.

I like green. Look at these Green Things!

630 antique Doll Arms are up for auction. If you're into that sort of thing.

This is crazy adorable. For real.

Hostage letters from the spam folder - seriously.

This week, I'm going to actually get some photo editing done. That's it, edit my photos. Everything else is gravy.


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