Aug 24, 2010

Cultivate Some Growth

Recently, I've been feeling kind of listless. Like I haven't been getting anything done, and just don't have the motivation to hop to it. It got me thinking about my Happiness Project, and more so about cultivating an atmosphere of growth. The best way to get myself out of this down place is to bring a little more growth into my life. The question is, how?

Ten Things I could do Today to Cultivate an Atmosphere of Growth

1. Clear my desk                                         6. Practice Something from my Ten Silly Things List
2. Tend my Garden                                     7. Plan an Outing
3. Read a Book                                            8. Write
4. Edit & Post Some Photos                  9. Go for a Walk
5. Clean out my closet and                         10. Try a New Recipe
  donate unwanted clothes

How will you grow today?



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