Mar 6, 2011

Around the Web

An important lesson about bullies from The Bloggess. Mainly, bullies are assholes and you should ignore them. Or screw with their heads. One is more fun and the other is more mature. I suggest fun, myself.

Operation High Five - Why not high five a stranger today?

25 Fashion and Style Tips to Brighten Your Day - Is the weather depressing where you are right now? It sure is here. Why not have a little fun with your wardrobe to distract from that fact?

"Tattoos" by Maelle Andrews - incredible photos of tattooed people.

Kitty + Dalek

Streetview Zombie Apocalypse is a game that uses google streeview and adds zombies. And you run from them. Zombies in your neighbourhood! run!

30 Photos of Cute Baby Animals that can change your Mood - Kitties! Duckies! Bunnies! Lots and lots of cute baby animals.

What Does Your Body Language Say About You? How to Read Signs and Recognize Gestures - An interesting read!

10 Ways to Love Your Body - Practice loving your body every day.


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