Mar 31, 2011

Time to say Goodbye to March

It is the last day of my favorite month - March! March came in like a lion - wind and rain and a flooded basement. It really warmed up quickly. We saw temperatures like 17°C on the 7th of March. That's almost unheard of! I started going for a lot more walks with Jasmine this month. I took a ton of photos and got behind on my photo editing. Like I haven't edited a photo since before Valentine's Day. I'll catch up though, I always do.

Books I finished in March: Simplify Your Time: Stop Running & Start Living! & Fat. The first had a lot of good advice, but just won't work with my schedule (which is majorly screwed up. Still.). The second was excellent and funny. Well worth the $2 I payed for it. That brings the total for the year to 9 (goal: 30) if anyone is keeping score.

My birthday was in March! I was born on the ides of March. I had a great day. I got a hand mixer and a DSLR Camera (squeel!) and an awesome cake. I went to The Port Pub for the first time. It was excellent, but apparently it can be hit and miss. I had the Cranberry Chicken Focaccia and I would totally recommend it. Yum. 

I finally bought my Wedding dress. Another recommendation: If you are wedding dress shopping in Nova Scotia, go to Annabell's Fashions. The owner, Annabell, is super nice and she took one look at me in a dress and said, "I have a better dress for you...and it's a lot cheaper!" She did the same thing (well, without the cheaper part) for my friend that was looking for a bridesmaid dress. And they were beautiful dresses. Mine was much better then the one I had on. My experience with people in bridal stores (aside from a few here and there) has been pretty negative. Annabell's was excellent.

I made several batches of failed cookies. They all tasted good but fell flat. More experimenting to come. 

And finally, yesterday The Bloggess followed me on twitter. Yes, seriously, that happened. And I have Nathan Fillion and possibly a ball of twine to thank. The internet is so weird. And awesome. 

I'm glad spring is here, but I'm sad to see March go. How was your March?


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