Mar 4, 2011

Weekly Love-fest

by cobalt123
Things I'm Loving this week:

Coffee, Pay week!, Raise Your Glass by P!nk, getting some wedding planning done (and finding awesome DIY solutions like these personalized candy bar wrappers!), supper at Mom and Dad's, scallops, NCIS Season 1 and 2, my wedding invitations (they rock), writing, reading, getting some vacation days approved (a few days this month and 2 full weeks in the summer!), dark teal-blue, baby giraffes, sunshine, turquoise and pink, getting stuff in the mail, my new "tree of life" aluminum water bottle, walks in the rain, The fiance, the kitty, the hound, beer, birds, laughing, black hoodies, giant squid, glitter.

and lastly a conversations with my co-worker about spring:

I forget exactly what she said. Something about spring starting this month and winter being almost over.
Me: Yes, because - March 21st, automaticly it's spring. No more snow.
Her: That's right.
Me: Because we never get snow storms in April. Or sometimes May.
Her: Yep. I called it. March 21st. No more snow.
Me: ...You know, if it snows after March 21st now, it's all your fault.


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