Sep 22, 2011


It's been awhile since I posted a mega list of thing I'm loving. No time like the present! Right now I'm loving:

The husband, my hound, my kitty, learning, free e-courses, scarves, seeing some red maple leaves on trees (Fall!), anticipating pumpkin ale hitting the shelves at the NSLC, zombies, coffee, zucchini muffins, my slow cooker, writing, getting excited about job hunting again, updating my linkedin profile (check it out, maybe you know someone who wants to hire me (shameless plug)), twitter, fashion how-to videos, fun recipes (I read one yesterday for bacon salt that said, "Cook 9 strips of bacon to crispy perfection. Then eat 5 of them."), that I'm off work tomorrow and have plans, meeting new people, laughing, one particular co-worker who makes me laugh so hard I cry (it happened), another co-worker who is super awesome and who totally gets it when I go on rants about how, although w is an awesome letter, it really isn't a double U, it's a double V, and the french got it right (pronounced dubləve, literally double V) and that I might just start calling it doubleV ("I have actually had this exact train of thought." he said "How mad do you think our QA department would be if I started saying things like 'doubleV-doubleV-doubleV-dot-google-dot-com to customers?" (-me) "Probably pretty mad."), dark teal blue (still), reading about critical thinking, new seasons of TV shows, Zooey Deschanel, snuggling, pizza with hot peppers and pineapple and lots of cheese (and some misc meats too), picking blueberries at my parents house, farm markets, Mojitos, clear nights with lots of stars, making lists, apples, long sleeves

What are you loving right now? 


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