Sep 3, 2011

Jobs I Would Try If THINGS Wouldn't Get in the Way

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There are lots of jobs I’d like to try out. Jobs, not careers or professions. Jobs I would like to do for a week or a month, maybe more, but not forever. They are jobs that seem fascinating, challenging and fun to learn about. But things get in the way. Money, transportation, opportunities or other. Sometimes all of those. THINGS. Things are pesky and annoying. They make all of these jobs impractical for me at the moment. But a girl can dream, right? These are some jobs I would try if THINGS would get out of the way.

I would work in a vineyard and a winery.  There are lots of vineyards and wineries here in the Annapolis Valley. I’d love to work in the vineyard for the entire growing season. See what grape growing is all about. And learning about wine making? How incredible would that be? Grape blends, processing, bottling...and whatever else comes along with the wine making process.

I’d also like to work in an Apple Orchard. Another start to finish kind on thing. Apples are big here. They are a big part of our culture and history. I’d like to know what goes into biting into that juicy delicious apple. Plus, if you’ve got to work, an orchard is a pretty awesome place to spend your day. These first two, I know would be a lot of hard work, and my body would probably hate me for a while, but it would be worth the knowledge I’d gain.

I love coffee, so I’d love to work in a coffee shop. A small independent or a local chain like T.A.N. or Just Us!. If nothing else, I’d learn to make some awesome coffee drinks. I’m sure I’d learn other stuff though, I’m just not really sure what that other stuff would be.

How awesome would it be to be a Photographer’s Assistant? I mean, sure, I’d like to be a photographer, but that’s a whole different kind of dream. As assistant, I’d get to learn all about the field of photography. Plus, photography is a subject I never tire of learning about. Although I’d still categorize it as a job rather then a profession, I could probably actually do this one forever. So maybe it shouldn’t be in the list, but whatever, it’s staying.

What jobs would you like to try if things wouldn’t get in the way?


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