Sep 29, 2011


Welcome to Thursday! I'm feeling like I need a little pick me up, so I'm thinking about things I'm loving right now.

Things like...

Learning, Reading, Cooking, The husband, The Kitty & Hound, Anticipating Pumpkin Ale (officially released tomorrow!), thinking about making pumpkin other things (more specifically pumpkin fudge and maybe pumpkin chocolate chip muffins), Coffee, Zombie Pandemic (Love Love Love this game, unsurprisingly), Zombie anything really, twitter, going for walks, AUTUMN (My favorite season! I wish it was Fall forever), scarves, long sleeves, boots (I need to get some cute/awesome ankle boots), Day off tomorrow!, earrings, laughing hard with awesome co-workers (the only thing that makes work awesome), Ridiculous police reports ("Two more charges were laid under the Wolfville noise bylaw for situations that arose on Gaspereau Avenue and Bay Street. Neighbours reported two men jousting with garbage cans lids and lumber."), zucchini, sharing crazy food photos that I find online (Google cookie cake pie or 3D Dinosaur Pancakes), applying for jobs, pasta.

Lots of food in my loves right now. What are you loving?   


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