Sep 16, 2011

Three Blogs (and Bloggers) That I Love

I was going to write a post called something like “Ten Blogs I Love”. Sort of a link post, I guess. I wanted to share some of the awesome on the Internet, ya know? Spread the love, or whatever. As I sat down to write it though, I realised that although there are tons upon tons of blogs (and their respective bloggers) that I like, the number I love is much, much lower. In fact, I was only able to come up with three. Thus the name and point of this post. I know, clever, right? Anyway, these are blogs you should be reading. Because they are awesome. 

Sarah Von of Yes and Yes
What sort of things might you read about on Yes and Yes? What wont you read about would be a better question. Travel, fashion, amazingness, food, real life...and that’s just the beginning. I couldn’t possibly mention every topic covered. Every time a new post pops up in my RSS feed, I can be sure it will be something interesting. Plus, Sarah’s writing is casual and engaging, like a good friend sending you updates about their life. But a good friend who has an incredible grasp of written word.   

Molly Ford of Smart Pretty and Awkward 
The concept is so simple. I think that’s my favorite part. Every post has a quote for a title and three tips: How to be Smarter, How to be Prettier and How to be (Less) Awkward. The advice is always great and well written. And short, which is great if you don’t have a lot of time. Or if you sometimes feel overwhelmed because you subscribe to too many (incredible) blogs and you don’t have time to read everything and google reader is permanently showing that you have +1000 things to look at. Not that that happens to me. All the time.   

Susannah Breslin of Pink Slipped
I just found Pink Slipped last week. Then I spent three days reading through back posts. There's a lot of career advice there. But not the type of career advice you find all over the Internet that everyone already knows. New, different advice, written in such as way that it’s blunt and straight forward without being sensational or annoying. That's not all you'll find, though. Check out 9/11 Stories: ‘No One Talks About That’. And then check out everything else. 

Seriously, why are you still here? Go, read, be merry. Or whatever. 

Happy Weekend, everyone!


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