Jan 20, 2012

Happy Friday! How about a (Hot) Drink?

I don't know about where you are, but here in Nova Scotia it can't decide if it's winter or not. One day it's negative ten with a windchill of what feels like negative a million, the next day it rains and is like, plus fifteen. Strange. It might be signaling the end of days, or at least that climate change is about to be a lot bigger deal then it already is. Anyway, this post is called Happy Friday not depressing friday, so lets change the topic. If it's deciding to feel like winter today in your neck of the woods, why not warm up with a Hot Toddy? Seems like as good an idea as any, right?

Last weekend, I was battling a cold, and made this, only with spiced rum. It was pretty excellent, and you should try it. It made my throat feel better and didn't taste as terrible as hot buttered rum.


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