Jan 1, 2012

Here's to a Fabulous 2012!

Happy New Year! I'm sitting here, feeling pretty good, having my first coffee of 2012. I want to start the year off right, don't you? Some times that thought can feel a little paralyzing - What does it even mean? Where do I even start? Here are a few ideas.

Are you nursing a post New Year's Eve hangover? (After sleeping in a sufficient amount of time) have a big breakfast. From a small town greasy diner is best, or made with love by your significant other or best friend. If all else fails cook yourself some eggs, bacon and toast and call it a day. Make sure to include something greasy and something carb-y. I don't know the science behind it, but it makes you feel better. Also, rehydrate! Sip some water all day, you'll be feeling ready to face the new year in no time.

Are you feeling like you need a fresh start? Start at home. Clean a room top to bottom - or your whole house if you're feeling really ambitious. Maybe you want baby steps. Do all your laundry and put it away. Clean out a closet or drawer. Wash the dishes. Change your sheets. Do something to make your space feel fresh, and you'll feel fresh as well.

Is a health related goal in your New Year's Resolutions this year? Have some fruit and go for a walk. It really is that simple.

Other ideas? Put on an outfit that makes you happy - whether it's a sparkly party dress or jeans and a hoodie. Hug someone you love - in fact, hug everyone you love. Hug some people you might only just like. Make sure the people in your life know that they're special to you. Eat something unusual or special - a big steak, crab cakes, pho, cheesecake, chinese buffet, etc etc... Start a project. Learn a new word. Smile a much and as big as you can. Snuggle. Propose to toast to 2012 - doesn't have to be with alcohol, you can toast with your coffee, tea, glass of water...whatever.

However you start 2012, I hope it's your best year yet and that it's filled with happiness, health and tons of fun.

Happy New Year!


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