Jan 17, 2012

Things that are Awesome: Hilah Cooking

If you like cooking shows - which I do, I could watch them all day - and quirky girls that laugh at their own jokes, you will love Hilah Cooking. I found it in a quest to find a video on hot buttered rum (which I did end up trying and it was...ok. I mean, it wasn't terrible, but I would not making them again. If you're on the fence - skip it. You really aren't missing much). That video was my favorite so far, but I already have it in the hot buttered rum post, so I begrudgingly decided not to post it again. BUT! Check out these instead (and then click on the hot buttered rum link to watch that one).

Awesome, right? I told you so.

Do you have a favorite YouTube chef/cooking show? Let me know! I'll waste a good chunk of my day watching if you do.


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