Feb 25, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Coffee, that one type of snow the coats the trees and makes everything look magical and wonderful in the morning, spaghetti and meat sauce with Parmesan cheese (even if it is just the fake stuff), Burn Notice, exercise, feeling accomplished, applying for jobs, sleeping, stretching, making lists, tulips, Re-watching Dark Angel (holy crap, I love that show), related: Michael Weatherly, chewing gum, pushing my body, writing, cookies, The Boyfriend, Jasmine & Memo, yellow, that my birthday is 18 days away!, formulating new more defined goals for my 26th year, yellow, sunshine, short months, pickles, sleeping in.

Also, of note: Two guys here at work were just talking about the Olympics and that took them to the topic of hockey. One of them says, "Canada vs US tonight. Girls hockey." which made me cringe a little (no one would ever says boys hockey when talking about the men's team) even though I know he didn't mean it as an insult or whatever. And the guy that he was talking to responded, "Women's hockey." I don't know, it made me smile.


its simple love said...

Ha Ha boys.... they can be so.... eh funny.

I am likin your blog.


dee said...

I know right. Silly boys.


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