Feb 14, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Hello! A new week again! Last week, each day, I picked one thing that I HAD to get done, and made sure to at least that. It had a bit of a rocky start (Monday I didn't get anything done at all, Tuesday I didn't get my one thing done, but I did get a lot of other things done so it's half good?), but then I got into the swing of things and it really seems to be working for me. I ended up getting way more done then in normal weeks. I think it took the pressure off, or something. I don't know. There was one particular phone call that I had been putting off (and putting off. and putting off) that I FINALLY got around to making. And it was like a giant weight was lifted off my chest. That's why one of my happiness commandments is Do it Now, Don't Wait. I am a major procrastinator, and it leads to unnecessary stress and unhappiness! I also started working on Gala Darling's Radical Self Love Month Project thing. It fits very much into my happiness project and is kind of putting me back on track with it. I now have a Happiness and Self Love Notebook to fill with writing and photos and ideas. I found these questions really helped me. I sat down to answer one or two of them, and I ended up answering them all and writing six pages! I know the month is half way though, but it's never too late to join in on the lovefest.

Best new word I learned this week:
Defenestration -The act of throwing the act of throwing someone or something out of a window.

How about some links now, okay?:

I have often professed my love of foods that are shaped like other foods. These Big Mac(arons) are adorable. Macarons shaped like cheeseburgers! (I've never had a macaron, but I've been seeing them all over the internet for years now and they sure look tasty!)

Now for the opposite of tasty and adorable - 14 horribly unappetizing vintage food ideas. Mmm, Sack O' Sauce in a Can O' Meat!

Sarah at SillyGrrl talks about her Year-Long Happiness Goal. It's full of awesome glee inducing photos and is an inspirational read for anyone working on their own happiness project.

I kind of love this beer bottle chandelier. I mean, I don't really want it in my house (well, maybe in our basement room once it's finished, if the ceilings weren't so low...), but it's pretty awesome.

That's Not Art is really mean, but it makes me laugh. Like literally, out loud laughing. At work. Luckily my co-workers are used to these sort of outbursts from me, because I always find the best stuff on the internet. The point is, it's mean but funny. I'm not sure what that says about me, but whatever.

11 Little-Known Grammatical Errors That Will Shock and Horrify You. Great title, but a little inaccurate. I can't say I've ever been shocked by grammar. Although, I have been horrified by it. Anyway, you will learn something, and it's funny. Best line: "It's a rough day for a journalism major when he learns he was grammatically bested by Macy Gray." lol.

Bottoms up shot Glasses are totally genius. When they're right side up they say DRINK and when they're upside down they say DRUNK. Awesome!

Next time we have a snow storm, I'm totally making snow cream. For sure.

The Art of Doing over at yes and yes is very much worth the read.  

"Does my butt look big in this?" - What to Wear in Portraits  Great post for both photographer and photograph-ee.

This week, I'm going to keep up with my system of picking one thing that has to get done, and see if it keeps working quite as well for me.

How was your week?


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