Sep 23, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

My list has been growing the past few weeks that I've forgotten to post's still not especially long, but...yeah.

Coffee, engagement!, booking some vacation (October 8-12! Thanksgiving!), finding out my brother and sister-in-law are coming home for Thanksgiving, opportunities and more responsibility at work (that involve not having to take as many phone calls), having a stressful job interview over with, friends, electricity, getting a promotion (even though it doesn't come with a pay raise), donair panzerottis, thinking about my wedding (even if I haven't made a lot of plans/decisions yet...), The fiance, the kitty and the hound, quick drying nail polish, getting more of my photos edited, dark dark dark blue nail polish, new jewelry, bird feeders (The bird feeders had been gone for awhile because the fiance took them down during the hurricane and hadn't bothered to put them back up, since we were out of seed. Today I came home and there they were! and full of finches!), Luck -I was searching for a b-day present for my mom and was feeling discouraged because even the stores that always have something she'd like had nothing; I walked into a store I wasn't feeling hopeful about, a there on the very front rack was something perfect!, learning, reading, autumn weather, sweaters.


Anonymous said...

I recently stumbled across your blog and think it's really great. Just wanted to say Congratulations on your engagement!

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