Sep 5, 2010

Week in Review, Week Ahead

Welcome to a new week! Two Weeks Ago, I posted my last weekly review, which was also two weeks in one...No, I don't plan on making it Bi-week in Review, Bi-week ahead. I'd say it's been busy, but that would be a lie. It's been the same amount of busy as normal. Only four big things have been going on: Last Friday (Aug 27th) my boyfriend of almost 8 years asked me to marry him (!! - very exciting!), I had a bit off a fall (the details are a little hazy...there may have been alcohol involved) that lead to some major bruises (otherwise I'm thankfully alright), I had a job interview (that went way better then I'd expected) and it's been insanely hot. In my last weekly round up, I planned to get some photo editing done, and I did! I also got them posted to flickr, which was an extra bonus. That's May's photo's completed, now I just need to do June through August, and then start on September. Yeah, I'm a little behind. I have, however organized and named all of the photos I've taken up to yesterday, so now it's just a matter of editing and posting.

Cool stuff from around the internet:

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Yes and Yes alerts us to an awesome FREE e-book! A Brief Guide to World Domination. It's absolutely excellent and would definitely suggest reading it.

This week, I'm on a night shift again, so my schedule is a little off. I'm hoping to have some time in the morning to go on a couple of major walks, now that the heat wave seems to have past. I'm also going to get on with this photo editing stuff.

What's exciting in your world right now?


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