Nov 21, 2010

Around the Web

This Suitcase chair is very cute.

How to Permanently Delete Your Account on Popular Websites

Check out these incredible photos of the 2010 Ashville Zombie Walk.

One cool (geeky) cookie: Gingerbread Motherboard

The Best Couch in the World - At first glance, you wont understand what's so great about this couch - I know I didn't - but scroll down. You'll see.

Days of our Cheerios - Awkward Soap Opera Product Placements - too funny!

Would You Eat Your Cat? - an interesting look at morality.

Bizarre and Stylish Steampunk Creations

Who is Craig, and where is he? Did his time machine work?

Kitty and the City

Married Couple in the Same Photo as Children (even though their families didn't know each other!)


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