Nov 7, 2010

Around the Web (and a notice)

Notice: I'm giving up week review/week ahead from here forward. I'm replacing it with a round up of links only, because...well, it's kind of dull and I'm tired of doing it. So, lets get on with the Links! I'll try to make it a good one, ok?

From The Bloggess's Parenting Column: Lesson Three: Your Kids Names Are Stupid. Stop Doing that.

Why is there a usb key sticking out of this wall? - an awesome idea that some asshole will probably come along and ruin with a virus.

Cookies by Douglas Adams - I have the book this was taken out of. I love it, and I'd forgotten about it. Awesome story. 

Time for some crazy adorable photos: The Sand Cats at Parken Zoo in Sweden.

Some more awesome pictures: Crazy nail art. Technically...(this rocks). Awesome...night sky...something (hard to explain).

A quote about weirdness and love.

This bunny gif photo...I watched it for like, three minutes, wondering if something was going to happen. Nothing happened. Loved it anyway.

The Ultimate Productivity Blog made me laugh. AWESOME. 

The platypus knows 80 different ways to poison you - I only found out that platypus were venomous about a year ago, and this just makes it weirder.

15 Sweetest Cat Hugs Kitties!

10 Hilarius Looking Owls Not as adorable as kitties, but still rockin. 

Hipster Dinosaurs - lol

Achingly Beautiful Cemetery photos

hey, remember way back there were several stories about McDonald's Hamburgers that don't rot? Well, it's true that, given the right conditions, they don't, but the reasoning that it's because they are "a chemical food. There is absolutely no nutrition here. Not one ounce of food value."(Karen Hanrahan) is just bad science. Check it: The Myth of the 12-year-old Hamburger and The Testing Results. I'm with the article author: I don't really care about McDonald's hamburgers (in fact, I just don't really like them and rarely eat them) but I do care about bad science. Stop Bad Science!

Try this self-control trick and remember that delayed gratification makes us happier!

The Sabbath Manifesto is intriguing to me. I don't know if I'll try it out or not, but it's interesting none the less.

How to be fabulous in 3 easy(ish) steps



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