Feb 17, 2011

Around the Web

15 Thing You Didn't Know About Your Brain Fact not included: Zombies think they're tasty.
Speghetti for a little friend This is so adorable it hurts. I'm serious.
Sushi cake It's a cake with little cakey sushi on it. Totally excellent. 
http://davw.nfshost.com/st2.htm" target="_blank">Advice from me to you Some suggestions on what you could be doing right now if you weren't stumbling around the internet. 
Cake vserses Pie: A Scientific Approach An interesting read, although I disagree with some of her data. 
Cats in the Snow Kitties! In the snow!
Three links that I can't remember if I posted before that are still awesome: http://morgaine.typepad.com/vox/2007/03/on_vox_things_t.html" target="_blank">Things to do instead of killing yourself. 100 Ways You Can Start Loving Yourself Right Now. A Gentleman's Guide to Staying Cool in the 21st Century(which also has some advice that's good for us non-gentlemen!).


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