Feb 11, 2011

Weekly Love-fest

What am I loving this week? Well....

by Robotic Designs

Coffee, hoodies (especially my new furry hooded one that my mom bought me!), the kitty & puppy, The Fiance, Family, spiced rum, writing, cooking, lobster, new very very dark jeans (about as dark as you can get without them being black), being back to my regular duties at work (because I actually know what I'm supposed to be doing), pasta, garlic bread, cupcakes, my kindle (oh my god, it is fantastic. I thought I would like it, but I actually love it), reading, chocolate cake with score bits (drool), zombies, sushi, Old Grey's anatomy re-runs, list making, darkness, the way snow clings to trees, winter sunrises, leather gloves, really stupid jokes, dark teal, stretching, days when it doesn't snow (few and far between lately!), fresh herbs starting to grow on my windosil, giant salads, discount produce that is still perfectly good, dangling earings, chalkboard signs, a warm bed, pinwheels, raspberries.
There was a lot of food in that list, huh? What are you loving this week?


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