Feb 28, 2011

Farewell to February

February is always too short, ya know? It was not a bad month, though.

This month, I actually made some new posts on my neglected food blog, Dee Eats. A lot of that had to do with signing up to campaign for the Canadian Heat and Stroke Foundation in support of Heart Month. That was a giant flop. I didn't raise any money at all. Better luck next year, right?

I finally got the Kindle that I would have gotten for Christmas if they hadn't been way back ordered (in Canada anyway). I can not give this device high enough praise. It is wonderful. Seriously, if you do a lot of reading and you're on the fence about whither or not you want one - go for it. You will love it.Books I finished this month: Soul Identity, The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead, World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War, Fire Walking,

That brings the total for the year to 7 (of 30).

This month, I went to Meteghan and Hectanooga. Sadly, it was for the funeral of my Great Aunt Millie. I ate Rappie Pie for the first time. Everyone was surprised that I liked it. Apparently it's an acquired taste.  Or, rather, an acquired texture. It's impossible to describe in a way that makes it sound appetizing. It's a grey color, it's mostly potatoes and it kind of has the consistency of that clear amber colored glue that had an orange rubber top. And it has chicken in it. I got a lot of reading done on the drive to and from The French Shore. I was reading The Zombie Survival Guide at the time, and it felt kind of strange and wrong to read a book about zombies on the way to a funeral.

I finally planted the Chia Gourmet Herb Garden that I got for Christmas. It's working really well, so far. Things are growing. Here is my only issue. The give you three pots. Three growing mediums. And six seed packets. And you only grow one type per pot. That annoyed me. Enough that I wouldn't recommend buying it, even though it worked really well and was really easy. It just seems like a money grab. Something to force you to order more growing medium. Well, sorry Chia, now you don't get any more of my money. Ever. 

Everyone join me in saying goodbye to the shortest month of the year!


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