Aug 30, 2011

Life Lessons I Refuse to Learn

There are some lessons that life that keeps trying to teach me, but I just can’t seem to learn.

Over the counter medication works...especially for headaches. No matter if it’s self inflicted or otherwise, if you have a headache, take an ibuprofen. It will make you feel better. The same goes for cold medication, usually. For some reason I feel the need to suffer, sometimes for hours, before medicating myself.

Don’t eat a huge meal right before bed...especially Donair panzarottis. This is a tough one, because I work a lot of night shifts. I get home from work, tired and hungry. So I eat and then I crash into bed. Which is ok if I eat a small meal, like half of what I would normally eat for supper. But I don’t do this if I’m eating something particularly tasty. Donair panzarotti. I should know better then to ever eat a full one. It always makes me feel nauseous. They are huge and full of bread and meat and cheese. And usually deep fried. So, you know, extra delicious. I always finish it, because apparently I hate myself. But eating one right before collapsing into bed? Such a bad idea! I feel awful and have trouble sleeping. Stop doing it!

If you leave things to the last minute bad things happen. Everyone knows procrastination is bad. Some of us just keep doing it anyway.

What life lessons do you refuse to learn?


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