Aug 2, 2011

Rethinking My Happiness Commandments

I’ve finally had the opportunity to read The Happiness Project. I’m a long time reader of the blog, so it was pretty exciting to read the book. Back at the beginning of 2010 I wrote some happiness commandments of my own, and I think it’s about time to rework them. When I go back and read the original list, they’re all still pretty relevant. In fact, there is only one I would get rid of. I'm adding a few, including Be Dee. Like the author, who’s first commandment is to Be Gretchen, I need to remind myself to be who I am, and that although I might want to like something (or thing I should like something), doesn’t mean I will like it. 

My Updated Happiness Commandments
  • Be Dee
  • Do Something
  • Look Good, Feel Good
  • Never Stop Learning
  • Act how you want to feel
  • Healthiness is Happiness
  • Do it now, Don’t wait
  • Change leads to Growth
  • Spread joy, Knowledge and Love
  • Be Grateful
  • First things First
  • Get Out There
  • You Get One Life - This is it!

 Do Something is a big one for me. I always seem to have lots to do, but I get little accomplished. I procrastinate (which ties into Do It Now, Don’t Wait) and do nothing - or at least nothing useful - and things don’t get done. Which makes me feel awful and guilty. Do Something reminds me that if I’m going to waste time, by lets say watching the first two seasons of Cougar Town for the bazillionth time, I better be doing something useful at the same time. And that when I’m feeling bored, I should do something. Something is always better then nothing. 

So, anyway, that’s my happiness boosting efforts for today. Are you working on your happiness? Why not make some commandments of your own!


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