Aug 12, 2011

The Problem with Recommended Videos

“Because we watched Wristcutters: A Love Story last night, now Netflix is recommending we watch a bunch of suicide movies...” -The Husband 

Does this happen to you? I watched two videos on YouTube to learn how to make my own bridal bouquet (which I did, and it rocked. Plus it was super easy, and cost me total $30!), and now it keeps giving me videos about floral arrangement. I watched a video with President Clinton and The HIV positive Sesame Street muppet, and now anything to do with Sesame Street is popping up in my recommendation. But I watch a whack of videos that I'd love to see similar videos to and...nothing.

Is there anything you’ve watched on a video site that you regret because of the recommendations you now can’t get rid of?

PS: I really enjoyed Wristcutters...I'd recommend checking it out. 


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