Oct 12, 2011

Book Review: I Zombie I

I Zombie I is written by Jack Wallen and you can get the e-book version for free from the kindle store. That’s how I got my hands on it. As a budding zombie enthusiast with little extra money, I was all over downloading this book. Plus, it had an average customer rating of four stars, so how bad could it be?

Basically it’s about this guy, Jacob. He’s a journalist, and one day he wakes up to the zombie apocalypse. So he does what journalists do: He documents it. Oh, also he is slowly becoming a zombie.

If I was to rate this book on a scale from Horrifyingly Awful and Super Awesome, I would rate it Not Bad. If you're keeping score, that would make it fall directly in between Bad and Ok. While reading it, I never once wanted to gouge my eyes out or wished the the Zombies would eat all of the characters that were not already zombies. I did, however, wish that the book would just end already at just past the half way point.

At some points the dialogue (even the main character’s inner dialogue) just seemed a little forced. Especially the romantic parts. Those were really eye roll worthy. Otherwise, it was...not bad. The story was good, the characters were believable, the zombies were zombies. It was a not bad, easy read. I finished it in just over a day, and then I got to move on to a new book. I don’t regret reading it, so I guess if you are out of things to read and you like zombies, you should read it too. 


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