Oct 31, 2011

Top Reasons Why I'm Glad the Zombie Apocalypse Hasn't Started Yet

Other then the obvious downsides of a Zombie Apocalypse (loss of safety, convenience and the possibility of being eaten alive, etc), there are several reasons I’m glad that the hoards of undead are not yet roaming the streets in search of a tasty snack.

I am really out of shape

Could I out run a zombie? Probably. Could I out run a hoard of zombies? Maybe. Could I do either for any length of time? Not a chance.

I don’t know anything about guns

I’ve shot a gun on occasion. But I don’t know how to aim one, load one or when the safety is off. I’d just feel a lot safer if I knew these things.

Survival tactics? Um....

I think I cold survive in the woods over night. In the summer. Maybe longer if you gave me a cooler full of food. Or some non-perishables and a can opener. Not much longer, though.

I don’t have a disaster kit, let alone a zombie survival kit

Which is pretty dumb, since I live in a place where we have ridiculous snow storms and hurricanes. And the threat of zombies is always high!

Are you glad that there are no zombies yet? Or are you ready to go out and kick some walking dead ass?


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