Oct 11, 2011

Zombie Survival Quick Tip #2

Never Light a Zombie on Fire

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There is nothing worse the a flaming zombie.

It might seem like a good idea. Flamethrowers look like a lot of fun and when else would you ever get to play with one? Also, you have to destroy the head, and fire destroys everything. Win-Win, right? No, ya dummy.

Do you know why burning alive would suck? Because it would hurt like hell, it would take a long time and then you'd be dead. Except zombies don't feel pain because they are already dead. So basically it's just going to take a long time. And do you think that flaming pile of rotting flesh (which I can't imagine will be smelling like bacon, by the way) is just going to hangout and burn? Again, No. It's going to be wandering around, catching things on fire. Like you know, your hideout or your children.

So just don't. Alright?


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