Jun 15, 2012

Happy Friday! How About Some Insane Gratitude?

There are things in my life that generally make me happy. Things like, My husband. And my kitty. And my hound. And other excellent things.

This is not a list for those things. 

This is a list for little things that have made me Over the Top Insanely Happy this week.

1. Right now I am using a Booze Popsicle as ice cubes in my rum and cola. Because I forgot to make ice today. But this is better than ice! Even though it's flavoured like fruit punch (and rum) and my Rum and Cola is flavoured like Rum and Cola...it's a little odd, but totally fun. 

2. Two people in the last week found my site by searching 'difference between alpaca and llama'. I hope they took my mom's advice to heart. It was, after all, excellent advice.

3. I saw a deer out back of my house the other morning. Deer are awesome!

4. That I'm feeling like writing again. As of just today. I just have not been able to piece words together into sentences recently. Seriously, I wrote a cover letter yesterday and it was the worst cover letter I've written since I learned how to properly write cover letters. It was horrifyingly bad, as opposed to my regular style that is just...hopefully not terrible. But still. Writing is good, not writing is bad.

What little things made your week brighter?


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